4. the University of the Virgin Islands - St. Thomas

1. VIEWS of the apartment and its environs

5. family on St. Thomas

2. VIEWS of the island

6. friends on St. Thomas

3. bopping in Charlotte Amalie

7. Carnivale Jouvert on St. Thomas

4. University of Virgin Islands at St. Thomas

8. Carnivale Parade

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my students: Sean, Steve, and Sabrina were as good as I've had 30 years at three stateside universities

Sports Activity Center

Monday/Wednesday lunch seminar, Adam Parr speaking

Rosalie, Camille, and Bob look on


Theresa at the seminar

Brewer's Bay from UVI


My first UVI office building - next to airport tower


on campus view of the university yacht

faculty housing



Charlotte Amalie from the university

UVI view to mountain behind (Shibui is center)

UVI's Home Page

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