3. In Charlotte Amalie

1. VIEWS of the apartment and its environs

5. family on St. Thomas

2. VIEWS of the island

6. friends on St. Thomas

3. bopping in Charlotte Amalie

7. Carnivale Jouvert on St. Thomas

4. University of Virgin Islands at St. Thomas

8. Carnivale Parade

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Black Beard's Castle

Blue Beard's Castle

City Lights from BlueBeards

Eve and Rachael at coffee in Drake's Passage


yeah! a jewel


this Fat Tuesday's canadienne looked better as a brunette

great daiquiris at Fat Tuesday/Happy Buzzard

Alley #1

Alley #2

Alley #3

Alley #3

St. Thomas' most famous bar

Cruise Ship Duo

wonderful Grace, owner of the Trinidad bar, Hummingbird

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