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When the revolution comes (fragment, 1970)

Niggers are scared of revolution (fragment 1970)

MY PEOPLE (1996)

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When the revolution comes

When the revolution comes

some of us will catch it on TV

with chicken hanging from our mouths

you'll know it's revolution

because there won't be no commercials

when the revolution comes



The last Poets in the 90s

Niggers are scared of revolution

Niggers are scared of revolution but niggers shouldn't be scared of revolution because revolution is nothing but change, and all niggers do is change. Niggers come in from work and change into pimping clothes to hit the street and make some quick change. Niggers change their hair from black to red to blond and hope like hell their looks will change. Niggers kill others just because one didn't receive the correct change.

Niggers always going through bullshit changes. But when it comes for a real change Niggers are scared of revolution.

Niggers fuck. Niggers fuck fuck fuck. Niggerrs love the word fuck. They think they're fucking cute. They fuck you around. The first thing they say when they're mad is "fuck it." You play a litle too much with them they say "fuck you." Try to be nice to them they fuck you over. When it's time to TCB niggers are somewhere fucking. Niggers don't realize while they're doing all this fucking they're getting fucked around. But when they do realize it's too late, so all niggers do is just get fucked . . . up!

Niggers talk about fucking ... Fucking that ... Fuycking this ... Fucking yours ... Fucking my sis. Not knowing what they fucking for. Ain't fucking for love and appreciation. Just fucking to be fucking. Niggers fuck white thighs, brown thighs, yellow thighs. Niggers fuck ankles when they run out of thights. Niggers fuck Sally Linda and Sue. And if you don't watch out niggers will fuck you ...

Niggers would fuck fuck if it could be fucked. But when it comes to fucking for revolutionary causes Niggers say FUCK! ... revolution.
Niggers are scared of revolution.




My people are Black, beige, yellow
Brown and beautiful
A garden of life
with a love as sweet as scuppernong wine
growing in muddy waters
making brown babies with
pink feet and quick minds
My people warm sometimes hot
always cool always together
My people let's be together
understand that we've lived together
understand that we've died together
understand My brother that I've
smelled your piss in my hallway
and it smell just like mine
understand that I love your woman
my sister and her rare beauty
is reason enough for a revolution
yes sister my honest sister
I have had ugly moments with you
but you are the only beauty I've ever known
Yes sister my honest sister
you are the joy in my smile
you are the reality of my dreams
you are the only sister I have
and I need you
I need you to feed the children
of our race
I need you to feed the lovers of our race
I need you to be the summer of my winters
I need you because
you are the natural life in the living
at night there is a moon
to make the Blackness be felt
I am that Blackness
filling up the world
with My soul
and the world knows me
You are that moon
my moon Goddess shining down light
on my Black face
that fills the universe
My moon I am your sun
and I shall take this peace
of light and build a world
for you my sister
Sometimes the waters are rough
and the hungry tide swallows the shore
washing away all memories
of children's footsteps
playing in the sand
where is the world I promised my son?
must he push back the tide
and build the world
that I have rapped about
Am I so godly until I forget
what a man is?
Am I so right until
there is no room for patience
My brother Oh in brother
father of a son
father of a warrior
My brother the sun
My brother the warrior
Be the beginning and the end
for my sister
Be the revolution for our world
turn yourself into yourself
and then onto this disordered world
and arrange the laughter for joy
the tears for sorrow
Turn purple pants, alligator shoes
leather jackets, brown boots
polka dot ties, silk suits,
Turn miniskirts, false eyelashes,
red wigs, afro wigs, Easter bonnets,
bellbottoms turn this confusion
into Unity Unity
so that the sun will follow
our foot steps in the day
so that the moon will glow
in our living rooms at night
so that food, clothing, and shelter
will be free
because we are born free
to have the world as our playground
My people.


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