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If He Hollers Let Him Go  1945

Lonely Crusade  1947

Cast the First Stone  1952 (orig. Black Sheep   1937)

The Third Generation  1954

The Primitive  1955

For Love of Imabelle = A Rage in Harlem  1957

The Crazy Kill  1959

The Real Cool Killers  1959

All Shot up 1960

The Big Gold Dream  1960

The Heat's On  1961

Pinktoes 1961

Cotton Comes to Harlem  1965

Blind Man With a Pistol  = Hot Day, Hot Night 1969

Run Man Run  1966 (orig. Dare-Dare  1959)

The Quality of Hurt :  The Autobiography of Chester Himes, The Early Years. (autobiography, 1972)

My Life As Absurdity : The Autobiography of Chester Himes, Volume Two (autobiography, 1976)