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Jim Reineck's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. Try this for the wisdom of the day (or week or month or year).

Office: 208 Mathematics Building, SUNY at Buffalo, telephone (716-)645-8774.

E-mail: reineck@buffalo.edu

Snail Mail:
Department of Mathematics
SUNY at Buffalo
244 Mathematics Building
Buffalo, NY 14260-2900

FAX: 716-645-5039.

You can find some old First Qualifying Exam problems here .
They were used in a problem solving seminar in the fall, so the links are given by date.

My research interest is in dynamical systems, particularly in the theory and applications of the Conley index.
During the Spring Semester of 2013, I will be teaching Math 459/559 Mathematical Finance 2 and Math 311 Introduction to Higher Mathematics.
Here are some recent preprints (postscript files)

M. Mrozek, J. Reineck & R. Srzednicki, The Conley index over a base.
To appear in the Transactions of the AMS.

K. Mischaikow, M. Mrozek & J. Reineck, Singular index pairs.
To appear in J. Dynam. Diff. Eqns.

T Gedeon, H. Kokubu, K. Mischaikow, H Oka & J. Reineck, The Conley index for fast-slow systems I: one dimensional slow variable.
To appear in J. Dynam. Diff. Eqns. Aka the endless author paper. We are trying to get 9 authors to field a baseball team, so if you are interested and can play third base, please contact us.

M. Mrozek, J. Reineck & R. Srzednicki, The Conley index over the circle.

Here are pictures of our twin daughters, Sonja and Maria.
On September 18, 2000, I had a kidney transplant at the Erie County Medical Center. You can read about it here.
Here are some pictures from Norway.
Here is a recent interesting bridge hand.
An editorial comment on (and by) the Solaris operating system.
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