2nd New York Conference on Applied Mathematics

April 30, 2011, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

The 2nd New York Conference on Applied Mathematics

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poster Session 11:30am - 01:00pm (Natural Sciences Complex NSC 222, 228 ) 

3.     Emergence of Periodic Structure from Maximizing the Lifetime of a Bound State Coupled to Radiation, Braxton Osting  (Columbia)

4.     Computational Methods for Finding the Roots of a Class of Spectral Density Functions, John A.W.B. Costanzo (RIT)

5.     Mathematical Models of Bone Remodeling at the Cellular Level, Christina Battista (RIT)

6.     Maximum Enstrophy Growth in Burgers Equation, Diego A. Ayala (McMaster)

7.     A multi-domain hybrid method for head-on collision of black-holes in particle limit, Debananda, Chakraborty (SUNY Buffalo)

8.     Matrix stability of multiquadric radial basis function methods for hyperbolic equations with uniform centers, Xinjuan Chen (SUNY Buffalo)

9.     Numerical experiments in low-energy potential scattering, Amanda Hood (Cornell)

10.  Cost of equity in defensive resource allocations in the face of a possibly non-strategic attacker, Xiaojun (Gene), Shan (SUNY Buffalo)

11.  Vaccinating Against HPV in Dynamical Social Network, Pamela Fuller (RPI)

12.  Decisions in Disaster Recovery Operations: A Game Theory Perspective on Actor Cooperation, Communication, and Resource Utilization, John B. Coles (SUNY Buffalo)

13.  Who Are You? An Image Identification Project Using Wavelet Packet Analysis, Kevin Palmowski (SUNY Geneseo)

14.  Covering Networks of Line Segments, Andrew Leach, Michael Mastroianni, Jimmy Wu (SUNY Buffalo)

16.  2-Diregular Multi-Graphs: What they are, How we make them and Why we care, Robert Dygert, Devanshu Pandey, Michael Skvarch, Matthew Heavner (SUNY Buffalo)

17.  Applied Mathematics: Detecting Handwriting Forgeries Using the Haar Wavelet Transform, Michael Couche (SUNY Geneseo)

18.  Biting Boolean Functions, Maxwell Bileschi (SUNY Buffalo)

19.  Games Between the Government and Competing Oil Companies, May Gin Cheung (SUNY Buffalo)

20.  Hearing a Spinning Wineglass: Simulations of a Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope, Erdal Yilmaz (Cornell)

21.  Balancing pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster relief, Fei He (SUNY Buffalo)

22.  Stability of Fokker-Planck Description for Neuronal Network Dynamics, Samuel Punshon-Smith (RPI)

23.  Bursting in Neuronal Networks with Synaptic Failure, Ethan O'Brien (RPI)

25.  Hazard Prevention by Public and Private Partnership, Peiqiu Guan (SUNY Buffalo)

26.  Rapid determination of flow parameters for arbitrary vessel geometries using a database of CFD solutions, Joseph W. Lee (SUNY Buffalo)

27.  Spatiotemporal Ecology by Remote Sensing and Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponents, Sean Kramer (Clarkson)

28.  Determination of 3D flow velocity distributions from single-plane angiograms, Todd Dorazio (SUNY Buffalo)

29.  Optimal Contract Problems in Online Advertising with Risk Considerations, Md. Tanveer Ahmed  (SUNY Buffalo)

30.  Wave Amplification in a Low-Frequency Model of Hearing, Kimberly Fessel (RPI)

31.  Comparison of numerical techniques in optical flow computation, Ranil Kumara Basnayake (Clarkson)

32.  Coherent Sets in the Finite-Time Transport of Chaotic Systems by Singular Values, Tian Ma (Clarkson)

33.  Amplitude Death Solutions for Stabilization of dc Micro-grids with Instantaneous Constant-Power Loads, Stanley R. Huddy (Clarkson)