The Fourth Annual
Upstate New York Number Theory Conference
SUNY at Buffalo  ---  April 26-27th 2014 

    Saturday, April 26

    Invited Talks in NSC 225

    8:45-9:15  Registration and Tea (Common Room, Math Department, Math Building)

    9:15-10:05  Laurent Berger: Sen theory and locally analytic vectors

    10:05-10:30  Tea

    10:30-11:20  Dinesh Thakur:  Zeta and multizeta values in function field arithmetic

    11:30-12:20   Tong Liu: The weight part of Serre's conjecture for GL(2)

    12:20-2:30  Lunch

    2:30-3:20  Steven Sperber:  Arithmetic properties of A-hypergeometric systems

    3:20-3:40  Tea

   3:40-5:40  Contributed Talks in Math Building.

      Talks in Math 250.

    3:40-4:00 John Voight: The group PSU(3,5) as a Galois group

    4:05-4:25  Douglas Haessig: Dwork's unit root L function in the rank one case

    4:30-4:50 John Bergdall Ordinary representations on U(3) and a conjecture of Breuil and Herzig

    4:55-5:15 Daniel Miller: Average ranks of Selmer groups and maximal isotropic subspaces

    5:20-5:40 David ZywinaElliptic surfaces and the Inverse Galois Problem

    Talks in Math 150.

    3:40-4:00 James Ricci: Regular Quadratic Polynomials of Fixed Conductor

    4:05-4:25 Bredan Murphy: Generalized Kloosterman Sums and the Structure of Finite Rings

    4:30-4:50 Jamie JuulPeriodic points and iterated Galois groups

    4:55-5:15 Adam TowsleyEndomorphisms of Bounded Height and Resultant

      Talks in Math 122.

    3:40-4:00  Peter Cho:  n-level densities of Artin L-functions

    4:05-4:25  Jinghao Li: Purity Results on F-crystals

   4:30-4:50  Christopher Rasmussen: Picard curves with good reduction away from 3

    4:55-5:15  Xiao Xiao: Subtle Invariants of F-crystals 

    6:00--8:30 Banquet at ClassicsV.

     Sunday, April 27

    Invited Talks in NSC 225

    9:30-10:20  Florian Herzig: On local-global compatibility in the mod p Langlands program

    10:20-11:00  Tea

    11:00-11:50 Alice Medvedev: TBA

    12:00-12:50 Xiaoqing Li:  Introduction to Eisenstein Series