MTH 831 (Fall 2008): Topics in C*-algebras

Instructor: Hanfeng Li

Office: 104 Mathematics Building.     Phone: 645-6284 ext. 126.

Office Hours: TBA

Lectures: MWF 2:00-2:50pm

Room: 122 Math
Course Description
Further topics on C*-algebras. Some basics of von Neumann algebras.
Recommended Reading
           Hilbert C*-modules     by Lance,
           K-theory and C*-algebras     by Wegge-Olsen,
           Morita Equivalence and Continuous-Trace C*-algebras      by Raeburn and Williams,
           C*-algebras and Finite-Dimensional Approximations     by Brown and Ozawa.
Basics of C*-algebra theory: MTH831 in Spring 2007 or MTH732 in Spring 2008.

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