MTH 831 (Fall 2015): Ergodic Theory

Instructor: Hanfeng Li

Office: 104 Mathematics Building.     Phone: 645-8762 

Office Hours: TR 3-4pm

Lectures: TR 2:00-3:20pm

Room: Math 122
Course Description
This is an advanced course on dynamical systems. We shall discuss combinatorial independence in topological dynamics: how it unifies various concepts in topological dynamics such as positive entropy, positive sequence entropy and untameness. Another feature of combinatorial independence is that it admits nice functional-analytic description, especially it has important connection to Banach space theory.
Recommended Reading
         D. Kerr and H. Li,  Dynamical entropy in Banach spaces,
         D. Kerr and H. Li,  Independence in topological and C*-dynamics,
         D. Kerr and H. Li,  Combinatorial independence and sofic entropy,
         D. Kerr and H. Li,  Chapter 7 of the book "Ergodic Theory-Independence and Dichotomies",
         W. Huang and X. Ye,   Combinatorial lemmas and applications to dynamics.


          MTH631. As the course proceeds, we shall give the definition of various concepts in topological dynamics. However, you would benefit much more if you know some basics in dynamical systems already.

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