MTH 831 (Fall 2013): Ergodic Theory

Instructor: Hanfeng Li

Office: 104 Mathematics Building.     Phone: 645-8762 

Office Hours: W 2-3pm

Lectures: TR 2:00-3:20pm

Room: 118 Baldy
Course Description
This is the first part of a one-year course on ergodic theory. We shall discuss the basics of integer group actions in both topological setting and measure-theoretic setting: ergodicity, weak mixing, mixing, recurrence, minimality, measure entropy, topological entropy, and variational principle. The second part in Spring 2014 will discuss the entropy theory of amenable group actions and more generally sofic group actions.
Recommended Reading
           An Introduction to Ergodic Theory    by Walters,
           Ergodic Theory with a view towards Number Theory     by Einsiedler and Ward.


          Basics of measure theory: MTH631 is enough.

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