Analysis   Seminar    

Unless specified, all seminars are Wednesday 4-5pm at Room 250.                                                              

April 26                         Min Woong Ahn,   SUNY at Buffalo                                                 
The error-sum function of Pierce expansions

                                      Abstract: The notion of the error-sum function was first studied by Ridley and Petruska in the context of the regular continued fraction expansion.
                                      The Pierce expansion is another classical representation of a real number. In this talk, I will introduce the error-sum function of Pierce expansions
and discuss the basic properties of the function and the fractal property of the graph of the function.

May 3                            Daxun Wang,   SUNY at Buffalo  
Boundary actions of groups and their C*-algebras

Pure infiniteness of a C*-algebra plays an important role in the classification of C*-algebra. In this talk, we will talk about boundary actions
                                      of some popular groups that arise in geometric group theory such as right angled Artin groups, right angled Coxeter groups and graph of groups,
                                      and show that the reduced crossed product C*-algebras of these boundary actions are purely infinite. This is a joint work with Xin Ma.     

Past Analysis Seminar