Analysis   Seminar    

Unless specified, all seminars are Wednesday 4-5pm at 250 Math Building.                                                                

February 19                 John Hofensperger,     SUNY at Buffalo
                                     A bijection between topological left-invariant means on an amenable group and those on a lattice subgroup

                                    Abstract: Suppose G is an amenable locally compact group with lattice subgroup D. In other words, D is discrete and the coset space G/D admits a
                                    G-invariant probability measure. There is a natural affine injection Phi: LIM(D) to TLIM(G), as shown by Grosvenor [1985]. He was only able to prove
                                    Phi is surjective in some trivial cases, essentially G = R^d, D = Z^d. In this talk, I will show Phi is surjective iff G/D is compact.

Past Analysis Seminar