Analysis   Seminar    

Unless specified, all seminars are Wednesday 4-5pm at 250 Math Building.                                      

February 26th        Jingbo Xia,   SUNY at Buffalo
                     On the problem of characterizing multipliers for the Drury-Arveson space


March 5th           
Henry Kim,    University of Toronto
                     Central limit theorem for Artin L-functions

                     Abstract: We show that the trace of Frobenius elements of Artin L-functions formed from a family of cubic fields obeys the Gaussian distribution.
                     The essential ingredient is the result of Taniguchi and Thorne on counting cubic fields with given splitting types at finitely many primes. This
                     is a joint work with P.J. Cho.

March 26th           Byung-Jay Kahng,   Canisius College
                     Separability idempotents in C*-algebras

                     Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the notion of a "separability idempotent", in the (non-unital) C*-algebra framework. This is analogous to
                     the notion in the purely algebraic setting, typically considered in the case of finite-dimensional algebras with identity. This work was
                     motivated by the appearance of such objects in attempts to develop a general C*-algebraic theory of locally compact quantum groupoids. Discussion
                     on quantum groupoids will be kept at a minimum in this talk, but we will give some examples that are related to quantum groupoids.
                     [(*) This is based on a joint work with Alfons Van Daele, at KU Leuven, Belgium.]

May 7th
              Roman Holowinsky,  Ohio State University
                     Hybrid subconvexity for convolutions of the symmetric square

Let f be a holomorphic cusp form of full level and weight k and g a holomorphic newform of prime level p and fixed weight. With k and p
                     large and varying, we prove hybrid subconvexity bounds for the convolution of the symmetric square of f with g via a first moment method. This is
                     joint work with Ritabrata Munshi and Zhi Qi.

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