Analysis   Seminar    

Unless specified, all seminars are Wednesday 4-5pm at 250 Math Building.                      

February 13th            Lewis Coburn,    SUNY at Buffalo
                         Heat Flow and Uniform Continuity

This talk is based on the paper "Heat Flow, weighted Bergman spaces, and real-analytic Lipschitz approximation" by Bauer and
                         Coburn. We examine the spaces of functions of bounded mean oscillation (BMO) on bounded symmetric (Cartan) domains Ω in complex n-space
                         Cn and on Ω = Cn. We show that all β( ; ) (Bergman metric) complex-valued uniformly continuous functions are in BMO(Ω) with some
                         interesting consequences. In particular, all such functions can be uniformly approximated by real-analytic β-Lipschitz functions. The
                         model for our discussion is Ω= Cn, where the heat equation plays a central role in our considerations.

April 17th               Jingbo Xia,    SUNY at Buffalo
                         A Local Inequality for Hankel Operators and its Application

                         Abstract: We establish a local inequality for Hankel operators Hf on the Hardy space of the unit sphere in Cn. As an application of this
                         local inequality, we characterize the membership of Hf in the Lorentz-like ideal C+p, 2n<p< ∞. This is joint work with Quanlei Fang.

April 24th               Mira Peterka,    University of Kansas
                         Finitely-generated Projective Modules and Gauge Theory over Theta-deformed Spheres

                         Abstract: We discuss the classification and construction (up to isomorphism) of the finitely-generated projective modules over the
                         θ-deformed n-spheres of Connes of and Landi. We also review what is known of the gauge theory on these spheres and discuss some open
                         problems and conjectures about the gauge theory. 
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