Analysis   Seminar    

Unless specified, all seminars are Wednesday 4-5pm at 250 Math Building.                                             

September 10th     Ken Davidson,     University of Waterloo
                   Semicrossed products by abelian semigroups

If P is an abelian semigroup acting on a C*-algebra A by *-endomorphisms, then there is a universal operator algebra that encodes this action known as a
                   semicrossed product. I will discuss two issues: whether one recover the dynamics from the semicrossed productt, and what is the C*-envelope of the semicrossed product.

October 29th       Jingbo Xia,  SUNY at Buffalo
                   On the membership of Hankel operators in a class of Lorentz ideals


November 5th       Ron Ji,  Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
                   Polynomially bounded cohomology and applications

                   Abstract: Given a clas of weight functions on a discrete group G, one can define a weighted group cohomology. If the weight class is generated by the word length
                   function on a finitely generated group, the cohomology is said to be polynomially bounded cohomology. It can very often happen that this cohomology theory is
                   canonically isomorphic to the regular group cohomology theory. A group is said to be isocohomological if the polynomially bounded cohomology theory is canonically
                   isomorphic to the group cohomology theory. We examine the class of groups satisfying this isocohomologicality condition and many applications of the latter.

November 12th      Adam Orenstein,   SUNY at Buffalo
Symmetric norming functions and Symmetrically normed ideals

                   Abstract: There has been an increasing interest in symmetrically-normed ideals in recent years. A widely known example is the Schatten p-class for any p>0. In this
                   talk, the concept of a symmetrically-normed ideal and the related concept of a symmetric norming function will be defined. Some useful properties and theorems, such as
                   Fan's Theorem, will be presented. We will also see some examples besides the Schatten p-classes. After this, the motivation for studying symmetrically-normed ideals   
                   will be presented.

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