Analysis   Seminar    

Unless specified, all seminars are Wednesday 4-5pm at 250 Math Building.                                                                       

February 7th                  Jingbo Xia,   SUNY at Buffalo
                              A double commutant relation in the Calkin algebra on the Bergman space

                              Abstract: Let T be the Toeplitz algebra on the Bergman space of the unit ball. We show that the image of T in the Calkin algebra satisfies the double
                              commutant relation. This is a surprising result, for it is the opposite of what happens on the Hardy space.

February 14th                 Weiran Sun,  Simon Fraser University
                              Global Well-Posedness of the Non-Cutoff Boltzmann Equation with Polynomial Decay Perturbations

                              Abstract: In this talk we will present our recent work on the global well-posedness of the non-cutoff Boltzmann equation with hard potentials. The solution
                              considered is near equilibrium where the deviation has a polynomial decay. The main step is to show a closed energy estimate for small data. This is achieved
                              by combining methods of moment propagation, spectral analysis of the linearized operator, and smoothness e ffect starting from data with weak regularity. This
                              is a joint work with Alonso, Morimoto, and Yang.                             

April 4th                     Tsan Cheng Yu,    SUNY at Buffalo

May 9th                       Rostislav Grigorchuk,   Texas A&M University
Past Analysis Seminar