Math 141B College Calculus I - Fall 2016

Welcome to the website for David Hemmer's Math 141B- College Calculus I.  The class meets in NSC 205 Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 -9:50 a.m..

The textbook is J. Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendental Single Variable, 8th custom UB ed.
The custom UB edition consists of Chapters 1-11 of the standard 8th edition of J. Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals.

Important: Since the homework will be online with WebAssign you should feel free to use an older version of Stewart, or even a different calculus book if you prefer, they are all very much alike. Just make sure the book is designed for scientists and engineers, not one of the "applied calculus" books. Be aware your Math 142 instructor may not be so flexible, and the Stewart text is used for both courses.

Dave's Contact Information:

Office:  Mathematics Building 211/ 226 (chair's office)

Office Hours:                      
                            Monday                10:00-11:00       
                            Wednesday           11:30-12:30    
                            Thursday               3:00-4:00

These are only the times I am guaranteed to be in my office.  You can take your chances and stop by anytime, or call first to see if I'm here, or make an appointment. The best way to contact me is email.  Please make frequent use of my office hours! Here is my Fall 2016 SCHEDULE.

Phone:          716-645-8775
Dave's Website: 

        The TA is  Tsan-Cheng Yu.  His office is 125 in the math building and office hours are Monday and Thursday from 1-2 or by appointment. His email is tsangcheng at buffalo dot edu.

Reading Files: I will post all files in .pdf format, which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Course Handouts: Anything I pass out in class will go here, also maple demonstrations from class

8/29/16    Course Information Sheet

8/29/16    Maple Polygon Applet

                Maple Continuous Interest Worksheet        

8/31/16    Maple Secant Line

                Maple limit sinx/x    

9/7/16    Plots for Lecture 4

9/19/16        Review Sheet Midterm 1

                    Sample Exam 1    Solutions

                    Sample Exam 2    Solutions

9/21/16    Definition of e Maple Worksheet

10/17/16    Review Sheet for Midterm 2

10/17/16    Implicit plots Maple

10/17/16    Sample Midterm 2    Solutions

                    Another Sample    Solutions

10/19        On Mathematical and Physical Ladders             

11/11/16    Exam 3 Review  

                    Sample Midterm 3    Solutions

                    Another Sample Midterm 3    Solutions

11/14        Newton's Method Maple

                Newton's Method Applet Link

                Newton's Method Fractal

11/28        Maple Riemann Sums Worksheet

12/2        Maple FTOC worksheet

12/5        Final Exam Review

12/5        Sample Final Exam        SOLUTIONS prepared by Josh Malecki Note: Look for another way to do #3a and 14c. #8 is not quite precise, see if you can fix it.

                Sample Final Exam #2    SOLUTIONS

Suggested Reading Before Class

Wed 11/9 Section 4.5

Friday 11/11    Section 4.7

Monday 11/14    Section  4.8 & 4.9

Wed       11/16    None

Monday 11/21    Section 5.1

Monday 11/28    Section 5.2

Wednesday 11/30    Section 5.3

Friday 12/2    Section 5.4

Monday 12/5    Section 5.5


Lecture Notes

Monday 8/29        Wednesday 8/31        Friday 9/2
                                        Wednesday 9/7          Friday 9/9
           Monday 9/12        Wednesday 9/14        Friday 9/16
            Monday 9/19        Wednesday 9/21        Friday 9/23
            EXAM #1            Wednesday 9/28        Friday 9/30
            Monday 10/3        Wednesday 10/5    Friday 10/7
            Monday 10/10        Wednesday 10/12    Friday 10/14
            Monday 10/17        Wednesday 10/19    Friday 10/21
            EXAM #2            Wednesday 10/26      Friday 10/28
            Monday 10/31      Wednesday 11/2        Friday 11/4
            Monday 11/7        Wednesday 11/9       Friday 11/11
            Monday 11/14       Wednesday 11/16    EXAM #3
            Monday 11/21        No Class                No Class
            Monday 11/28      Wednesday 11/30    Friday 12/2
            Monday 12/5        Wednesday 12/7    Friday 12/9 


        Midterm #1  09/26/16    SOLUTIONS
        Midterm #2 10/24/16        SOLUTIONS
        Midterm #3 11/18/16        SOLUTIONS
        Final Exam     Wednesday 12/14 8:00 - 11:00 a.m., Alumni 97.

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