David Hemmer

UPDATE: Beginning July 1, 2018 I will be Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts at Michigan Tech. My new email will be djhemmer@mtu.edu or davidjhemmer@gmail.com

Professor David Hemmer 

I  am  Professor of Mathematics and, since 2012, have been chairman of the  mathematics department at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.    
Prior to that I was Director of Undergraduate Studies for four years.

Research Office:Mathematics Building 211
Chair's Office:Mathematics Building 226
Office Phone:716-645-8775
Mailing Address:244 Mathematics Building
Buffalo, NY 14260

CV (September 2017)

Fall 2017 Office Hours:     Monday 10-11, Wednesday 2-3 or by appointment



Fall 2017
        Math 464/564 Combinatorics and Representation Theory

Spring 2017
Not Teaching

Fall 2016:
        Math 141- College Calculus I
        Math 353- Introduction to Combinatorics

Spring 2016:
Not teaching

Fall 2015:

        Math 241- Multivariable Calculus

        Math 461/561 Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory


My Research:
            Here is a  research statement  designed for those in my field.

            Here is a research statement designed to be accessible to undergraduate math majors.           

Grant Support:

2016-2019                        National Science Foundation Grant #DMS 1551069 EDT: Experiential Diversity in Graduate Education. Co-PI, $594,292.

2011-2015                        National Science Foundation Grant # DMS 1068783: Connections between cohomology and representation theory of symmetric groups, braid groups, Hecke algebras, and algebraic groups. Sole PI. $188,497.

        2012-2014                       National Security Agency Grant #H98230-12-0924 (Declined): Connections between cohomology and representation theory of symmetric groups, braid groups, Hecke  algebras, and algebraic groups. Sole PI, $67,516.

        2010-2012                       National Security Agency Grant #H98230-10-0192: Cohomology and representation theory for symmetric and algebraic groups, Sole PI, $58,395.

2006-2010                        National Science Foundation Grant # DMS 0556260: Cohomology and representation theory, Sole PI, $95,427.

2004-2006                                               National Security Agency Grant # H98230-05-1-0023: Modular representation theory and cohomology of the symmetric group and related objects, Sole PI, $30,000.

2001-2004                        National Science Foundation Grant # DMS0102019: Modular representation theory of the symmetric group, Postdoctoral Fellowship, $90,000.

1997-2001                                              National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, $90,000.