Gallery of images from Gino Biondini's works

[nonlinear stage of modulational instability]       
Universal nature of the nonlinear stage of modulational instability [JMP2014, SIAP2015, PRL2016a, arxiv2016] Resonant soliton solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation [JPHYSA2003, JMP2006, PRL2007, SAPM2009]
[Shape of dispersion-managed solitons] [importance-sampled Monte-Carlo samples]
Shape of dispersion-managed solitons
[OL1998, OL2001a, OL2001b, JOSAB2001]
Importance-sampled Monte Carlo samples of noise-induced errors in optical fiber transmission systems [OL2003, PRA2007, PRA2009, SIADS2010]
   [Small dispersion limit of KdV with cosine input]
Small-dispersion limit of the Korteweg-deVries equation with cosine initial data [PHYSD2016, PRL2016b]
Soliton reflection in boundary value problems [JPHYSA2009, AA2010, SAPM2012, JPHYSA2015]
Additional figures (to come): Non-trivial polarization interactions of dark-bright solitons [JPHYSA2015,JMP2015,CMP2016]

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