MTH 620 Abstract Algebra II

Spring 2011



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Bernard Badzioch

office:  108 Math Building

ph: (716) 645 8798


TR 11:00-12:00  and by appointment

TR 12:30-1:50 , 122 Math Building

The scope of the course will mostly overlap with the content of chapters VI - IX of the textbook. Some topics I plan to cover are:

  1. tensor products

  2. field extensions

  3. Galois theory

  4. Noetherian and Artinian rings

  5. Dedekind domains

  6. Hilbert Nullstellensatz

  7. semisimple rings

  8. algebras

Homework problems will be assigned on Thursday every other week and they will be due on Thursday two weeks later.

Homework:    60%

Final Exam:    40%

Thomas W. Hungerford Algebra
Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics vol. 73

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