Differential Geometry.
MTH 465/565 - Fall 2021

Instructor: Adam S. Sikora (Math Dept.)
Class meets: TuTh 9:35 - 10:50am in Math Bldg 235.
My office hours: TBA.
Class announcements will be sent to you via email

Text: Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised second edition, by Barrett O'Neill.
Prerequisites: MTH 241 (Multi-Variable Calculus), MTH309 (Linear Algebra), MTH 311 (Introduction to Higher Mathematics).

This course comprehensively introduces the theory of curves and surfaces in R^3. Moves toward the goal of viewing surfaces as special concrete examples of differentiable manifolds, reached by studying surfaces using tools that are basic to studying manifolds.

Topics include curves in R^3, differential forms, Frenet formulae, patch computations, curvature, isometries, intrinsic geometry of surfaces. Serves as an introduction to more advanced courses involving differentiable manifolds. We will cover most of Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and parts of Chapters 3, 6, 7 of the book.

Preliminary Test Schedule: 1st week of October, 1st week of November, December 10th.
Homework: at Gradescope.

Final grade will be based on

The total: 90% (total) guarantees A, 88% guarantees A-, 78% guarantees B, 68% guarantees C, 55% guarantees D. (B+,B-,C+,C- will also be utilized.)
The final grades may be curved. However, there will be no extra credit.
If your score is below 55% you may fail the course.

Given the special circumstances of Covid pandemic, this syllabus may be subject to change.