Intro to Higher Math
MTH 311U - Spring 2024

Instructor: Adam S. Sikora
Class meets: Tu,Th 11:00-12:20pm in Math 250 (Your attendance is expected.)
Recitations with Aadhishwaran "Aadhi" Aadhikesavan Bhuvara: U1: Tu 12:30-1:20pm Capen 258 U2: Th 12:30-1:20am Math 122
Class announcements will be sent to you via email or UBLearns.
My office hours: Tue, Thu 1:30-2:30. or by appointment.

Prerequisite: Math 141.
Text: Lecture Notes (These notes maybe updated during the course of the semester.)
Supplemental texts: As the notes above may be too compact at times for many of you and have limited examples only, this supplemental textbook is strongly recommended:

Additional, inexpensive book I recommend:

Tentative Schedule of HWs, Quizzes, and Tests
Tue Tu Recitation Thu Th Recitation
1/25 No recitation
1/30: HW1 due 2/6 HW1, No Quiz 2/1 HW1, Quiz
2/6: HW2 due 2/13 HW1, Quiz 2/8 HW2, Quiz
2/13: HW3 due 2/20 HW2, Quiz 2/15 HW3, Quiz
2/20: HW4 due 2/27 HW3, Quiz 2/22 HW4, Quiz
2/27: HW5 due 3/5 HW4, Quiz 2/29 HW5, test review
3/5: HW6 due 3/14 HW5, test review 3/7: Test1 HW1-HW4 TBD
3/12 HW6, Quiz 3/14: HW7 due 3/28 HW6, Quiz
3/19: Spring Break 3/21: Spring Break
3/26 HW7, Quiz 3/28: HW8 due 4/4 HW7, Quiz
4/2 HW8, Quiz 4/4: HW9 due 4/11 HW8, test review
4/9: HW9, review 4/11: Test 2 HW5-HW8 HW9, No Quiz
4/16: HW10 due 4/23 TBD 4/18 HW10, Quiz
4/23: HW11 due 4/30 HW10, Quiz 4/25 HW11, Quiz
4/30: HW12 due 5/7 HW11, Quiz 5/2: test review HW12, Quiz
5/7: Test 3 HW9-HW12 No recitation

Tests will take place during regular class hours. IDs will be checked. You are expected to take each test as scheduled, unless you have a documented medical or other documented valid reason. Contact me before taking an exam if you are seriously ill.
You are required to know the material in the lectures, the notes (even if not covered in lecture, except as indicated) and in the homework.

There will be no final exam.

No makeups will be given for recitation quizzes, but the 2 lowest marks will be dropped without penalty.

On occasion, there will be short in-lecture quizzes.

Homework: on Gradescope. Link coming soon. No late homework will be accepted. Each homework assignment will consist of a number of problems, of which only some problems (not specified beforehand) will be graded. You may work jointly on homework with other members of the class, but you must write up the problems on your own.
You are asked to prepare HW in Latex. See Minimal Intro to Latex .

Math Help Center is primarily for lower division math courses, however some TA's advertise their availabilty to help with mth311 as well. See Help Center Schedule .

Final grade will be based on

The total: 90% (total) guarantees A, 88% guarantees A-, 80% guarantees B, 70% guarantees C, 55% guarantees D. (B+, B-, C+, C- will also be utilized.)
The final grades may be somewhat curved.
If your score is below 55% you may fail the course.

Academic integrity is a fundamental university value. Students caught cheating on exams, quizzes or HW will be penalized. You cannot submit someone's else work as your HW.

How to do well in this course: The beginning of the course seems easy, but it becomes much harder soon. The course covers the most challenging and abstract mathematics you have ever encountered. As there is no universal recipe for proof writing, that skill will be difficult to acquire for some of you. Come to class. Study the pdf notes beforehand. Make sure you have a precise understanding of the definitions and theorems. "Sort-of" understanding is _not_ sufficient in this course. You may consider using flash cards for learing definitions and theorems/propositions. Ask questions about the material you do not understand. Try to solve each question by yourself first, by looking at examples, by trial and error. Make sure you understand the definitions involved. Only when you make a genuine effort and are still lost, you should consider asking your TA or others for help. That is the only way to learn math. Math takes grit. You should plan on spending a minimum of 8 hours a week in preparation/homework. It is important that you do not fall behind.

Incomplete: Incompletes will only be given for reasons beyond your control, serious illness. You must be passing the course to get an incomplete. University policy is that if you receive an 'I' grade (incomplete), then you are also assigned a default grade, which is the grade you have already earned averaged with a 0 on the remaining work. It is easy to see that even a good student will normally receive an 'F' as the default grade. This appears on your transcript, as 'I/F', until you make up the incomplete or 15 months elapse, when you would receive the default grade (you would receive the F in this example).
Students who received an incomplete in a previous MTH311 class should not register for this class, but must file a petition form with the Math Department.