Intro to Higher Math
Math 311 E+G - Fall 2017

Instructor: Adam S. Sikora 115 Math Bldg. Class meets: MWF, 250 Math • E: 12:00-12:50pm, • G: 2:00-2:50pm
Recitations in Math 250. E: Mon 8-8:50am, G: Fri 8-8:50am, (Starting 2nd week of classes.)
TA: Raymond James Office: TBA Math Bldg, Phone: 645-TBA, Email: TBA at-buffalo-dot-edu
TA's office hours: TBA and Math Help Center, Rm 107/110.
Office hours: TBA or by appointment.
Email from me to you: Class announcements will be sent to you via email. Please check your UB email daily.
Email from you to me: Any questions related to the course content or procedures of a non-personal nature should be asked on the Piazza discussion forum. (To be set up soon.) Posting complete HW solutions before they are due is not allowed.
For personal issues, use Email: asikora at

Prerequisite: Math 141.
Text: Lecture Notes (I suggest that you print one chapter at a time, as I may introduce improvements to the notes during the course of the semester.)
Supplemental texts: As the notes above may be too compact at times for many of you, I recommend that you purchase the following two textbooks which cover many of the topics of this course in more details. Buy both of these books, if you can afford, or at least one of them.

How to do well in this course: The beginning of the course seems easy, but it becomes much harder soon. The course covers the most abstract mathematics you have ever encountered. It is designed to teach you precision in thinking and writing proofs. As there is no universal recipe for proof writing, that skill will be difficult to acquire for some of you. Come to class. Study the pdf notes beforehand. Make sure you have a precise understanding of the definitions and theorems. "Sort-of" understanding is _not_ enough in this course. You may consider using flash cards for learing definitions and theorems/propositions. Ask questions on the material you do not understand. For each question you try to solve it by yourself first, by looking at examples, by trial and error, by making sure you understand the definitions involved. Only when you make a genuine effort and are still lost, you should consider asking your TA, others for help. That's the only way to learn math. Math takes grit. It is not a spectator sport. Meet with your study group. You should plan on spending a minimum of 10 hours a week in preparation/homework. Try not to fall behind. Help is available from the TA and me (before or after class; or e-mail for an appointment).
Preliminary Test Schedule: 1st week of Oct, 1st week of Nov, Dec 8.
You are required to know the material in the lectures, the notes (even if not covered in lecture, except as indicated) and in the homework. Only non-graphing, non-programmable calculators are permitted on exams/quizzes. You are expected to attend each test as scheduled, unless you have a documented medical or other valid excuse. IDs will be checked. Contact me before taking an exam if you are seriously ill.
Quizzes: There will be a short quiz in each recitation on the recent material. No makeups will be given, but the 2 lowest marks will be dropped without penalty.
Additionally, there may be some simple quizzes during lectures.
Homework: due in class. No late homework will be accepted. Each homework assignment will consist of a large number of problems, of which only some problems (not specified beforehand) will be graded. You may work jointly on homework with your study group or other members of the class, but you must write up the problems on your own.
Final grade will be based on HW (and in-class quizzes if they are given), 100pts, and the best of

Therefore, the total number of points is 400.
360pts (total) including at least 80% on last test guarantees A.
352pts (total) including at least 70% on last test guarantees A-.
The final grades will be curved.

Test 1 scoring guide

Test 2 scoring guide

Tentative Class and HW schedule

HW assignments are based on the notes for the course (linked above). , , , ,
HW Class Date Class contents and HW Due
1 Aug 28, 30, Sep 1 Sec. 1: 1-3, Sec. 2: 1,3,4a,5,10,17 G: Sep 11. E: Sep 13.
Sep 4 Labor Day
2 Sep 6,8 Sec. 2: 11, 12, 16 Sec: 3: 1-5. G: Sep 18, E: Sep 20.
3 Sep 11,13,15 Sec. 4: 1,3,4,6,7,8,11ii,13 Sec. 5: 1,2,3. G: Sep 25, E: Sep 27
4 Sep 18,20,22 Sec. 5: 4,6,9,11,13 Sec. 6: 1,3. G: Oct 2, E: Oct 4
5 Sep 25,27,29 Sec. 6: 4,5,6 Sec. 7: 1,2 Sec. 8: 1,2. G: Oct 9, E: Oct 11.
6 Oct 2,9 Sec. 8: 3,6,7,8,9,11 G: Oct 16, E: Oct 18.
7 Oct 11,13,16 Sec. 9: 2,3,6,8,9,10. G: Oct 23, E: Oct 25.
8 Oct 18,20,23 Sec. 9: 12 Sec. 10: 1,3,4,5,8,9,11,13. G: Oct 30, E: Nov 1.
9 Oct 25, 27, 30 Sec. 11: 1,2,3,4,6 Sec. 12: 1, 2,3 E and G: Nov 8.
10 Nov 6,8,10 Sec. 16: 2(2),3,4,5,6,7,8,11. E,G: Nov 20.
11 Nov 13,15,17 Sec. 17: 1,2,3,4,6 E and G: Dec 1.
12 Nov 27, 29, Dec 1 Sec. 13: 2,4,6,7 Sec. 14: 1,2,4 Not collected