Faculty and Instructors



(see below for additional Instructors)

Badzioch, Bernard
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: 108/232 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8798/645-8785 (P. Wieclaw)
Email: badzioch@buffalo.edu
Research: Homotopy theory

Biondini, Gino
Office: 324 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8810
Email: biondini@buffalo.edu
Research: Applied mathematics, nonlinear waves, solitons, integrable systems, inverse problems, applied probability, stochastic processes, optics

Busch, Robert
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: 102 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8760
Email: rlbusch@buffalo.edu

Cho, Jaehyun
Postdoctoral Fellow
Office: 201 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8806
Email: jcho23@buffalo.edu
Research: Number theory

Chou, Ching
Office: 320 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8806
Email: chouc@buffalo.edu
Research: Functional analysis, invariant means

Coburn, Lewis
Office: 327 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8813
Email: lcoburn@buffalo.edu
Research: Analysis, functional analysis

Cowen, Michael
Office: 317 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8803
Email: cowen@buffalo.edu
Research: Complex differential geometry

Cusick, Thomas
Office: 315 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8801
Email: cusick@buffalo.edu
Research: Cryptography, number theory, Diophantine approximation

Dimock, Jonathan
Office: 323 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8809
Email: dimock@buffalo.edu
Research: Mathematical physics, quantum field theory

Faran, James
Associate Professor, Associate Chair
Office: 215 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8776/645-8779 (J. Russell)
Email: jjfaran@buffalo.edu
Research: Differential geometry, complex variables

Hassard, Brian
Office: 322 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8808
Email: hassard@buffalo.edu
Research: Applied mathematics, bifurcation theory

Hemmer, David
Professor, Chair
Office: 211/226 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8775/645-8780 (A. Zitto)
Email: dhemmer@buffalo.edu
Research: Algebra, modular representation theory of symmetric and general linear groups

Hundley, Joseph
Assistant Professor
Office: 203 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8771
Email: jahundle@buffalo.edu
Research:automorphic forms and L-functions

Javor, James
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: 103 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8761
Email: jjavor@buffalo.edu

Jung, Jae-Hun
Associate Professor
Office: 328 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8814
Email: jaehun@buffalo.edu
Research: Applied mathematics, numerical analysis and scientific computing

Kraus, Jon
Office: 311 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8796
Email: mthjek@buffalo.edu
Research: Functional analysis, operator algebras

Kutluhan, Cagatay
Assistant Professor
Office: 117 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8768
Email: kutluhan@buffalo.edu
Research: Low-dimensional topology, contact and symplectic geometry, gauge theory

Li, Hanfeng
Office: 104 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8762
Email: hfli@buffalo.edu
Research: Operator algebras, noncommutative geometry, and dynamical systems

Li, Xiaoqing
Associate Professor
Office: 202 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8770
Email: xl29@buffalo.edu
Research: Number theory, automorphic forms and L-functions

Li, Yiqiang
Assistant Professor
Office: 212 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8830
Email: yiqiang@buffalo.edu
Research: Geometric representation theory

Mangahas, Johanna
Assistant Professor
Office: 116 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8767
Email: mangahas@buffalo.edu
Research: Geometric topology, geometric group theory

Manning, Jason
Associate Professor
Office: 116 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8767
Email: j399m@buffalo.edu
Research: Geometric group theory, geometric topology

Mantzavinos, Dionyssis
Postdoctoral Fellow
Office: 326
Phone: 645-8812
Email: dionyssi@buffalo.edu
Research: partial differential equations, initial-boundary value problems, integrable systems

Menasco, William
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 112 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8765 / 645-8782 (Cheryl Runk)
Email: menasco@buffalo.edu
Research: Geometric topology, 3-manifolds, knot theory, hyperbolic geometry, contact geometry

Pitman, Bruce
Professor, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
Office: 318 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8804
Email: pitman@buffalo.edu
Research: Applied mathematics, high performance computing, statistical and stochastic computing and uncertainty

Ramachandran, Mohan
Office: 204 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8772
Email: ramac-m@buffalo.edu
Research: Differential and complex geometry

Ringland, John
Associate Professor
Office: 206 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8773
Email: ringland@buffalo.edu
Research: Applied mathematics, bifurcation theory, computational mathematics

Sageev, Gershon
Associate Professor
Office: 310 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8789
Email: gershons@buffalo.edu
Research: Set theory-infinite combinatorics, models, forcing, applications

Sikora, Adam
Associate Professor
Office: 115 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8766
Email: asikora@buffalo.edu
Research: Quantum topology, group actions on manifolds, character varieties, 3-manifolds

Sommerhauser, Yorck
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 208 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8774
Email: yorcksom@buffalo.edu
Research: Hopf algebras

Spencer, Brian
Office: 319 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8805
Email: spencerb@buffalo.edu
Research: Applied mathematics, materials modeling, free boundary problems, instabilities and microstructure formation

Xia, Jingbo
Office: 306 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8788
Email: jxia@buffalo.edu
Research: Analysis

Zhang, Xingru
Office: 111 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8764
Email: xinzhang@buffalo.edu
Research: Topology and geometry of 3-dimensional manifolds

Zhu, Hui June
Associate Professor
Office: 326 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8812
Email: hjzhu@buffalo.edu
Research: Algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry


Anuta-Darling, Austin
Office:  313 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8827
Email: aanuta.darling@gmail.com

Casper, Michael
Office:  313 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8827
Email: mjcasper@buffalo.edu

Deng, Guo
Office: 101 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8826
Email: guodeng@buffalo.edu

Fagerstrom, Emily
Office: 138 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8823
Email: emilyrf@buffalo.edu

Fried, Aaron
Office: 106 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8763
Email: aefried2@buffalo.edu

Hockaday, Kathlene
Office: 106 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8763 
Email: hockaday@buffalo.edu

Hopfensperger, John
Office: 313 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8827 
Email: johnhopf@buffalo.edu

Javor, Kim
Office: 101 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8862 
Email: kejavor@buffalo.edu

Nicponski, John
Office:  140 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8825
Email: johnnicp@buffalo.edu

Nieland, Mark
Office: 130 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8818 
Email: mnieland@buffalo.edu

Orenstein, Adam
Office: 137 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8822 
Email: adamoren@buffalo.edu

Parks, Leya
Office: 101 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8826 
Email: lt26@buffalo.edu

Placito, Corey
Office: 106 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8763 
Email: coreypla@buffalo.edu

Romesser, Tracy
Office: 101 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8862 
Email: tw@buffalo.edu

Rosas, Michael
Office: 140 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8825 
Email: marosas@buffalo.edu

Rozwood, Bud
Office: 313 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8827 
Email: budrozwo@buffalo.edu

Ruppe, Dennis
Office: 125 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8815 
Email: dennisru@buffalo.edu

Samul, Angela
Office: 101 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8826 
Email: asamul@buffalo.edu

Sartwell, Matthew
Office: 140 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8825
Email: mjsartwe@buffalo.edu

Su, Yin
Office: 136 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8821
Email: yinsu@buffalo.edu

Tuzun, Robert
Office: 313 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8827
Email: retuzun@buffalo.edu

Wang, Xiao
Office: 140 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8825
Email: xwang29@buffalo.edu

Winter, Blake
Office: 140 Mathematics Building
Phone: 645-8825
Email: bkwinter@buffalo.edu