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1995 (6/567)

Joseph Apaloo; Gregory Battle; Kossi Edo; Suzanne L. Weekes;

1996 (9/493)

Randolph G. Cooper III; Neil Flowers; Henry Gore; Errol Rowe; Temba Shonhiwa; Aissa Wade;


Afi Davis Harrington; Francis Y. Jackson; Michael Keeve; Tuwaner Lamar; Alfred Noël; Richard F. Patterson; Sonya Stephens; Asamoah Nkwanta; Remi Ombolo; Elaine Terry; Alain Togbe; Enoch Z. Xaba;

1998 (11/586)

Paulette Ceesay; Terrence Edwards; Neal Jeffries; Julie S. Ivy; Trachette Jackson; Mark Lewis; Lemuel Riggins; Rhonda Sharpe; Monica Y. Stephens; Kim Y. Ward; Pamela J. Williams;

1999 (12/438)

Garikai Campbell; Gelonia Dent; Berhane T. Ghaim; Desire Gilles Philippe Gnacadja; Edray H. Goins; Daniel Lee Hunt; Anthony D. Jones; Alvina M. Johnson; Chawne Monique Kimber; Kathryn M. Lewis; Cassandra McZeal; Desmond Stephens; Peter Stephens; Shree Whitaker;

North American Ph.D. or citizenship - the parenthesis is the number of African American Math Ph.D.s out of the number of American Ph.D.s.

TOTALS we have 289+46 = 336; 56+19 = 75

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