Oyekale Oyedeji


place: Nigeria

B.Sc. (Math) - 1972, University of Ibadan; M.A. (Physics) - 1974, Fisk University; M.S. T. (Physics) - 1976, Rutgers University

Ph.D (Physics) - 1987 Howard University

Associate Professor of Physics, Morehouse College

URL: http://www.morehouse.edu/dept/physics/facultyprofiles/oyedeji.html
email: kale.oyedeji@facstaff.morehouse.edu

Current Research
Atomic Physics and non-linear vibrating systems.

Publications (Recent)
- R.E. Mickens and 'Kale Oyedeji, International Journal of Applied Science and Computations, 4,1, 99 (June 1997), ed. S.K. Dey.

- R.E. Mickens and Oyekale Oyedeji, "Numerical Stabilities: The details matter." Proceedings of Advances in Scientific Computing and Modeling (eds. S.K. Dey and J. Ziebarth; Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL; October 12-14, 1995); pp 91-95.

- R.E. Mickens and O. Oyedeji, J. Sound and Vibration, 178, 285 (1994)


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