Ronald L. Mallett



doctoral institution: Pennsylnavia State University (1973)

current employment. Professor, University of Connecticut

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In 1973 Ronald L. Mallett completed his doctorate in general physics with the title "Quantum Theory in a (3+!) de Sitter Universe" at Pennsylvania State University. He has published in the areas of the classic and quantum theory of black holes, relativistic astrophysics, and quantum cosmology. Currently, he teaches as a full professor at the University of Connecticut. He explains to us that his work on gravitational theory in based on "the exact solution to the Einstein field equations," and that the "solution has been used to study the Hawking radiation of evaporating black holes."

Research Interests

Gravitational theory is based on an exact solution of the Einstein field equations, which combines the effect of mass loss due to radiation with the de Sitter inflationary geometry. This solution has been used to study the Hawking radiation of evaporating black holes, as well as the effect of radiation from the shells surrounding false vacuum bubbles on the evolution of these bubbles. The evolution of false vacuum bubbles is an important topic in the study of the very early history of the universe. Ongoing investigations address topics in quantum cosmology - the application of quantum mechanics to the universe as a whole. The quantum evolution of the universe is usually described by the Wheeler-deWitt equation. The probability density associated with the wave function of this equation is, however, not positive definite. A new wave equation for the wave function of the universe, in which this problem is removed, has been found. This result suggests that the universe may have been created with two possible states.

Recent Publications

Charged, radiating black holes, inflation and cosmic censorhip; [with B.D. Koberlein], Phys. Rev. D49, 5111 (1994).

Comment on 'Hawking radiation of a quantum black hole in an inflationary universe'; [with B.D. Koberlein], Class Quantum Grav. 11, 283 (1994).

Null geodesics in the gravitational field of a rotating, radiating body; [with R. Hadley], J. Math. Phys. 34, 1007 (1993).

Particle motion in the gravitational field of a charged, radiating body; [with B.D. Koberlein], J. Math. Phys. 36, 828 (1995).

Dirac quantization of Friedmann cosmologies; Class. Quantum Grav. 12 L1 (1995).

references: Fikes: From Banneker to Best: Some Stellar Careers In Astronomy and Astrophysics; Mickens, The African American Presence in Physics; Mallett's web page


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