Robert Henry Bragg

birth: August 11, 1919

place: Jacksonville, Florida

pre-doctorate education: Illinois Institute of Technology BS (Physics -
1949); MS (Physics 1951)

doctoral institution: Ph.D. (Physics - 1960) Illinois Institute of Technology

current employment and position:



Dr. Bragg has made major contributions in the areas of materials charcterization using x-ray diffraction and small angle x-ray scattering, and their use as a tool in studying heat-activated processes in materials. Early in his career, he developed methods of quantitative x-ray diffractions of compounds; e.g., Ca(OH)2 in hydous silicates. Robert Bragg originated the now-standard practice of using the data as self-calibrating in the quantitative determination of preferred orientation in polycrystalline aggregates. His work provides clear guidance in the analysis of the diffraction patterns of materials of high transparency to x-rays, e.g. Be, B, and C. His novel studies of the coarsening of the microstructure of glassy carbon using small angle x-ray scattering have provided the accepted value for the activation energy for a-direction vacancy migration in graphite. Perhaps his most important work is the recent demonstration that all apparently unordered carbon materials are mixtures of metastable carbon self-interstitial compounds, and his first principles derivation of the equations governing the phase transformations at high temperatures as these materials are converted to graphite.

Dr. Bragg was Senior Physicist (1959-61) at the Research Institute of Illinois Institute of Technology. He was appointed as Research Scientist at the Palo Alto Research Laboratory for the Lockheed Missile and Space Company from 1961 to 1963. From 1963-69 he served as the Senior Staff Scientist at the Palo Alto Research laboratory. Dr. Bragg served as Chairman if the department from 1978 to 1981. Beginning in 1969 Dr. Bragg has served as a Professor of Material Science and Mineral Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. Beginning in 1969 Professor Bragg has also been a Principal Investigator for the Materials and Molecular Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

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