Francis Kofi Ampenyin Allotey

birth: 1932

place: Saltpond in the Central Region of Ghana

pre-doctorate education: University Tutorial College, London Borough Polytechnic and London Imperial College of Science and Technology (Diploma of Imperial College (1960 London))

doctoral institution: Princeton University 196?

current employment and position: Kumasi College of Technology, Kumasi, Ghana



Allotey and other researchers at the Ghanian Atomic Energy commision.

Dr. Allotey has been a phenomenal inspirer and influence in the study of Physics and Mathematics in Ghanaian Schools, Colleges and Universities and he has become a living legend. He played no mean part in the establishment of the Laser Research Unit in the Physics Department of the University of Cape Coast, projected to be a Centre of excellence to serve the whole of the West Africa Sub-Region.

Prof Allotey, a prodigy born in August 1932 to a humble parentage at Saltpond in the Central Region of Ghana, received his early education at the Ghana National College among the 1952 pioneer group. He pursued further studies at the University Tutorial College, London Borough Polytechnic and London Imperial College of Science and Technology where he obtained the then coveted Diploma of Imperial College (London) in 1960.

He returned in the same year to take up a lectureship position in the Department of Mathematics at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). He had a distinguished academic career at the KNUST rising from the position of a lecturer to a full Professor of Mathematics and Head of Department within seven years. This was after his return in 1966 from study leave at Princeton University where he obtained his Master's and Doctorate degrees.

Founder and First Director of the KNUST Computer Centre, he was the first to introduce computer education into Ghana. The Faculty Board between 1971 and 1980 elected him four times as the Dean of the Faculty of Science. During this same period, he was elected five times as a Representative of the Academic Staff. He was ultimately appointed as the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University in 1978.

He became a world authority and an instant fame with his work on Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy which established the principle widely known as the "Allotey Formalism" for which he received the Prince Philip Gold Medal Award in 1973.

1997-89, Professor Allotey was King-Chavez-Parks Visiting Professor of Physics at Michigan State U.

F. K. A. Allotey is a member of many societies, and is the President of the Society of African Physicists and Mathematicians [SAPM], Member of Executive Board of Africa Mathematical Union [AMU].

and has recently written Science, Technolgy and Development.

Member, Sub-Committee on Technology transfer of the UN Conference on New and renewable Energy Sources,

Vice-President of the Preparatory Committee of the UN Conference for promotion of international peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy,

Organizer and Chairman, UNESCO/ANSTI International Conference on Renewable Energy,

Vice president, 7th General Assembly of Intergovernmental Bureau of Informatics (IBI),

Organizer and Chairman of International UNESCO and IBI Conference on Informatics for Development,

Chairman, Panel Discussion on Financial and quantitative aspects of Computer Education in developing in France-1975

Organiser and Chairman, "IFIP CONGRESS80" section on Computer Education in developing Countries in Australia-1980

Member of International Panel on Requirements of developing Countries Regarding Informatics Education in Switzerland

Invited by IBM International to join a Group European Professors touring Computer Science Centers in Universities in USA and Canada for four weeks Chairman, International Working Party for the Analysis of Economics and Commercial Impact of Transferred Data Flow in Italy

Member of Advisory Panel, Transnational Data Report in Amsterdam, Holland Rapporteur, Scientific and Technological Communication, a USA sponsored Regional Seminar for Africa

Member of Executive Secretariat Responsible for Sensitizing African Leaders on Modern Technology for development Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Information Technology for development Member of International Consultative Committee on Transborder Data Flow (TDF)

Consultant to IBI Centers in Africa Chairman, Information technology for development, Williamsburg Conference on International Information Economy, USA Member, UNCSTTD Editorial Workshop in Rome for Advanced Information Technology Trend and Global Implications A discussant and a Member of panel Information Economy Risks and Opportunities, Atwater Institute, Quebec, Canada

Though I know he has written much more, at present I have found just one research paper published by Professor Allotey:

Allotey, Francis K. and Muhammad, Fuad U. Brown's polarization formalism applied to analogous dynamical systems, pp.201-212

References: [a now defunct Allotey web page]


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