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Assistant Professor DePaul University

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Reviewed Publications (Journal)

*Adelakun, O., (2001) Stakeholders' Process Approach to Information Systems Evaluation, Special Issue - European Journal of Information Systems : Evaluating Information Systems Maximizing Benefits and Costs. (Under review process)

Refereed Conference Proceedings

*Dickson, G.W., Eriksson, I.V., Marzie, A., Lee-Partridge, J., and Adelakun, O. (2000) Information Technology Literacy: Towards National Benchmarking, Proceedings of Global Information Technology Management World Conference, June 11-13, Memphis, Tennessee, pp. 107-110.

Adelakun, O., (1999) Information Quality Process ­ A Primary Success Requirement in Management Information Systems Projects: Results from a Case Study., Proceedings of the Fifth Americas Conference on Information Systems(AMCIS),Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 13-15, 1999, pp.659-661 USA.  (Nominated as the best paper selection in the Mini-track on Research Cases in Management & Information Technology)

Adelakun, O. and Enholm, K. (1998) Information Systems Quality Process in Theory and Practice: Results From A preliminary Case Study. Proceedings of the Conference on Information Quality. Chengalur-Smith, I., and Pipino, L.L., (Eds.),  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 23-25, pp. 116-136, 1998.

Adelakun, O. (1998) Assessing Organization Processes For Ensuring Information Systems Quality. Proceedings of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Americans Conference, Hoadley, E.D., Benbasat, I., DeGross, J.I., and Naumann, J.D. (Eds.) Baltimore, August 14-16, 1998. P.1144.

Adelakun, O. (1998) A Process Model for Achieving Information Systems Quality. Proceedings of the 21st  Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, "IRIS 21,  Buch, N.J., Damsgaard, J., Eriksen, L.B., Iversen, J.K., and Nielsen, P.A. (Eds.) ,Saeby, SÆbad, Denmark, August, 8-11. 1998, P. 1-12

Adelakun, O. (1997) Quality ­ What Does It Mean For Strategic Information Systems.  Proceedings of the 1997 Conference on Information Quality. Strong D.M., and  Kahn B. (Eds.)  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 24-26, 1997. pp132-147

Adelakun, O. (1997) Quality Planning: A Required Element for Information Systems Planning.  Proceeding of the Fifth European conference on Information System. Galliers R., Carlsson S., Loebbecke C., Murphy C., Hansen., and Callaghan R. (Eds.) University College Cork, Cork-Ireland, June 19-21, 1997 pp. 1127-1133.

Adelakun O. (1996)  Pre/Post Analysis of IS requirement: An Approach to Improve IS-Success.  Proceedings of the First European Doctoral Seminar on Strategic Information Management (EDSIM).  Ruohonen M. and Pärnistö J. (Eds.)  Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), General Publication, No 2, December 1996, P. 18-34

Torvinen V. and Adelakun O. (1996)  The Role-Based Approach to Evaluation of Information System Flexibility.  Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Evaluation of Information Technology.  Brown A. and Remenyi D. (Eds.)  Bath University School of Management, Claverton Down, Bath, U.K. 29 November 1996. pp 55-62.

Adelakun O. (1996)  Bridging the Gap Between Strategic Information Systems Planning, Information System Quality and Software Quality. Proceedings of the 19th Information Systems Research Seminar In Scandinavia, "IRIS 19, The Future", Dahlbom, B., Ljungberg, F., Simon, K., SÆrensen, C., and Stage, J. (Eds.).  Gothenburg August, 10-13. 1996, P. 55-70
Adelakun, O. (1995) Object Orientation in testing the Graphical User Interface, University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science, Oulu, Finland. (M.Sc.) Thesis,1995
Adelakun, O.(1993) Economic Problems in the Implementation of Hospital Information System (HIS) in Nigeria: A Practical Experience.  In Health Informatics in Africa HELINA 93,  Mandil, S.H; Moidu, M.; Korpela, M.; Byass, P.; and Forster, D. (eds.), Pages 94 - 98, 1993
Adelakun, O. (1993) A need for a closer look at research in Universities in developing countries.  In Information Technology in Developing Countries, (Eds. Odedra M.), Vol.3, No. 2, April 1993, Page 6-7.
Adelakun, O. (1991) Computer-Based Hospital Billing System.  University of Lagos, Department of Computer Science, Lagos, Nigeria. (B.Sc.) Thesis. 1991

Books, Invited Articles

Adelakun, O.  (1999) Multiple Faces of Information Systems Quality ­ An Interpretive Case Study of an ERP Project, publication of the Turku School of Economics and Business Adminisration, Turku, Finland. 

Ruohonen, M. and Adelakun, O. (1997) The Need and Challenges of Information Systems Education from a Nigerian Perspective.  In Capacity Building for Information  Technologies in Education In Developing Countries, Marshall G. and Ruohonen M. (Eds.). pp. 175-184, North-Holland. Netherlands

Adelakun O. (1996) Quality Planning: A Conceptual Framework for Improving Information Systems Success.  In Exploring the Limits of Support Systems. Carlsson, C., (Ed.) Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), General Publication, No 3, pp. 1-16, December 1996.

Refereed Conference Presentations

*Adelakun, O. (2000) Global IT outsourcing, workshop and panel discussion on IT outsourcing to India, at the Global Information Technology Management World Conference, June 11-13, Memphis, Tennessee, pp. 107-110.


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