Rod Moten

birth: November 4, 1968

place: Hempstead, NY

BS in Computer Science/Math (May 1991) STATE UNIVERSITY OF NY AT STONY BROOK. MS in Computer Science (Aug. 1994). CORNELL UNIVERSITY

Ph.D. Cornell University 1997

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science Colgate University

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As a young boy, Rod was very adventurous. A great deal of Rod's play time consisted of playing hide-n-seek on the elementary school's roof, doing flips on school yard swings, and swimming at the public park. Although Rod was very adventurous, he was an intelligent young man. Math and history were his favorite subjects. However, when Rod reached high school, history became one of his worst subjects. In fact, the first year and half of high school, Rod had little appreciation for school. Although he did well in his classes, he had little interest in the material. However, during the middle of tenth grade, Rod had an encounter that changed his life.

Although Rod attended school regularly, he would often skip class, except his classes in Pascal and pre-calculus, in order to socialize with friends. Also Rod missed entire school days in order to work in factories and warehouses. Rod would wake up at 5 a.m. to go to a temporary job agency to obtain employment for one or two days in a factory or warehouse.

After high school, Rod wanted to attend a junior college to obtain a degree in electrical repair. However, his guidance counselor suggested he apply to a four year college because of his strong math background. As a result, Rod attended S.U.N.Y at Stony Brook for a degree in computer science.


Computer Scientists of the African Diaspora

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