Ronald A. Metoyer



BS (1992) Computer Engineering UCLA

Ph.D. (2004) Georgia Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Oregon State University




Selected Publications

  1. Brogan, D. C., Metoyer, R. A., and Hodgins, J. K., 1998. " Dynamically Simulated Characters in Virtual Environments." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. September/October 1998, Volume 15 Number 5, p. 58-69.
  2. Quinn, M. and Metoyer, R., 2003." Parallel Implementation of the Social Forces Model," Proceedings of the Second International Conference in Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, Greenwich, London, August 20-22.
  3. Metoyer, R.A. and Hodgins, J.K., 2003. "Reactive Pedestrian Path Following From Examples," Proceedings of 16th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents 2003 New Brunswick, New Jersey, May 8 - 9, pp. 149-156.
  4. Metoyer, R.A., Xu, L., and Srinivasan, M., 2003." A Tangible Interface for the High-Level Direction of Multiple Animated Characters ," Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2003 Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 11-13. pp. 167 - 176.
  5. Metoyer, R.A. and Hodgins, J.K., 2000. " Animating Athletic Motion Planning By Example," Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2000, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 15-17, pp. 61-68.
  6. Dinh, Q. , Metoyer, R. A., and Turk, G., 1998. " Real-Time Lighting Changes for Image Based Rendering." Proceeding of the IASTED International Conference, Computer Graphics and Imaging. 58-63
  7. Brogan, D.C., Metoyer, R.A., and Hodgins, J.K.,"Dynamically Simulated Characters inVirtual Environments," Animation Sketch in SIGGRAPH 1997, Los Angeles, CA.


Computer Scientists of the African Diaspora

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