Amos Johnson, jr.



BS (1996) General Science Morehouse College and BS (1996) Electrical Engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology; MS (1998) Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D (2002) Electrical and Computer Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology

AREA: Computer Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Telecommunications, Computer Graphics, and Special Effects

Postdoctorate Fellow in the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology and Instructor, Morehouse College College of Computing



  1. Amos Y. Johnson, Jie Sun, Aaron F. Bobick: Using similarity scores from a small gallery to estimate recognition performance for larger galleries. AMFG 2003: 100-103
  2. Amos Y. Johnson, Jie Sun, Aaron F. Bobick: Predicting Large Population Data Cumulative Match Characteristic Performance from Small Population Data. AVBPA 2003: 821-829
  3. Amos Y. Johnson, Aaron F. Bobick: Relationship between Identification Metrics: Expected Confusion and Area Under a ROC Curve. ICPR (3) 2002: 662-666
  4. Amos Y. Johnson, Aaron F. Bobick: A Multi-view Method for Gait Recognition Using Static Body Parameters. AVBPA 2001: 301-311
  5. Aaron F. Bobick, Amos Y. Johnson: Gait Recognition Using Static, Activity-Specific Parameters. CVPR (1) 2001: 423-430
  6. Vivek Kwatra, Aaron F. Bobick, Amos Y. Johnson: Temporal Integration of Multiple Silhouette-Based Body-Part Hypotheses. CVPR (2) 2001: 758-764


reference: Roger Guibinga;

Computer Scientists of the African Diaspora

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