Herman D. Hughes



B.S Mathematics Stillman College, 1959; M.S. Chemistry Tuskegee University, 1963

Ph.D Computer Science University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1973

Professor of Computer Science at Michigan State University; Director of the recently established High-speed Networking and Performance Research Lab.

URL: http://www.cse.msu.edu/~hughes/

Herman D. Hughes mathematics at Tuskegee University, Grambling State University, and the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Dr. Hughes also worked as a consultant for several organizations(e.g., IBM, American Oil, Dow Chemical, & the Advanced Avionics Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base). His research interests include computer system performance analysis & quality of service issues related to ATM technology.

Selected Publications

  1. A Handoff Scheme for Wireless ATM Networks,with Hui-Tang Lin, IEEE International Conference on Univeral Personal Communications, pp. 397-407 Sept., 1996.
  2. Statistical Characteristic and Multiplexing of MPEG Streams, with Marwan Krunz, IEEE ICC, June 1995.
  3. A Traffic Model for MPEG Video VBR Streams , with Marwan Krunz, ACM SIGMETRICS, pp. 47-55, May 1995.
  4. An ATM Traffic Model Based on Empirical Measurements, with Lily Cheng, IEEE GlobeCOM, November 1995.

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