Annie J. Easley

birth: April 23, 1933

place: Birmingham, Alabama

no doctorate


Ms. Easley has worked for National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Lewis Research Center and its predecessor agency (NACA) in Cleveland, Ohio since 1955. She continued her education while working for the agency and in 1977 she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Cleveland State University. As part of a continuing education Ms. Easley worked through specialization courses offered by NASA. Annie Easley developed and implemented computer code used in determining solar, wind, and energy projects for NASA. She published numerous papers and developed computer programs for a variety of energy projects. Her energy assignments have included studies to determine the life use of storage batteries, such as those used in electric utility vehicles. Her computer applications are used to identify energy conversion systems that offer the improvement over commercially available technologies.


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  2. Kascak, A. F. ; Easley, A. J. Bleed Cycle Propellant Pumping in a Gas-Core Nuclear Rocket Engine System. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Report No.: NASA-TM-X-2517; E-6639   March 1972
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references: Faces of African Americans in Science: and NASA


Computer Scientists of the African Diaspora

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