Brian M. Dennis



Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. Jointly appointed in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science (Computer Science) and the Medill School of Journalism (New Media).



Frm Dr. Dennis' web page (030614): My research interests are broadly centered in ubiquitous computing, ubicomp for short. Ubicomp is concerned with mobile computing, pervasive computing, and context aware applications. Applications of these technologies to journalism and games are particular concerns of mine.
In more detail, I'm focusing on social analysis as a key technique in providing context awareness for ubicomp applications. This has subsequent implications in a number of areas including: analyzing large societies in real time, building applications on mobile handheld devices, automating multimedia authoring, and designing games. Multimedia systems in general and content management systems in particular are also a key focus of mine.
Other latent interests include: programming language design and implementation (especially of scripting languages), developing Internet and Web based systems, and wireless networking.


We had help from Azzari Caillier.

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