L to R at 1999 CAARMS, Computer Scientists Bryant York, Charles Isbell & Roscoe Giles

One quarter of one percent (.25%) of computer scientists are black. Below we link to profiles of "all" Black Computer Scientists.



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PEOPLE A - D , E - K , L - Q , and R - Z

The Computer Scientists below occupy a broad range, from essentially mathematicians to essentially engineers.

Computer Scientists A - D

 Olayele Adelakun :

Ilesanmi Adesida Computer Scientist(?) Physicist(?) at the Beckman Institute of University of Illinois

Adekunle O. Adeyeye - Technology Review: one of the top 100 innovators under age 35 "whose work and ideas will change the world."

Chukwuka Aduba programmer and manager in Nigeria

Akintunde Akinwande MIT Associate Professor, flat screen technology

Okan H. Akpan -

Winser E. Alexander -Full Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering North Carolina State

Clement Allen -

Paul Ampadu -

Kofi Apenyo -

Shermane Austin CCNY professor

Gregory Battle -

M. Brian Blake -

Constance G. Bland: at the University of Mississippi

Shawn Blanton - 9 years from Ph.D. to Full Professor at Carnegie Mellon

Patrick Bobbie -

Willie G. Brown -

Legand L. Burge III -

Marietta E. Cameron -

Mark Dean: holds three patents on the original IBM PC chip

Nathaniel Dean: crosses back and forth between Computer Sciences and Mathematics. Publications in both.

Brian M. Dennis -

Rhonda Franklin Drayton -

Tony Drummond -

Letatia Ducksworth -

PEOPLE A - D , E - K , L - Q , and R - Z


Computer Scientists E - K

Charles Earl -

Andrea Edwards -

Clarence Ellis: The first African American Computer Science Ph.D. (U. Illinois-1969)

Mary Ellis - Hampton University

Philip Emeagwali: 1988 winner of the Gordon Prize for super-computing skills.

Ralph Etienne-Cummings, at Johns Hopkins University

Eugène C. Ezin: artificial intelligence at Benin's Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Jeffrey Forbes -

John Foster -

Juan Gilbert: Auburn University

Roscoe Giles: a theoretical physicist turned computing pioneer

John Gill, III: long time Stanford University Professor

Getachu Hailu -

Marc Hannah: co-founder of SGI (Silcon Graphics Inc)

Marion G. Harmon -

David Hedgley father of 3D graphics?

Raquel L. Hill -

Herman D. Hughes - Professor at Michigan State

Wayne Hunt: a Director of Software at Lucent Technologies

Parry Husbands: A post-doc at at MIT's LCS

Oliver Chukwudi Ibe: author of 6 books on ATM technology, and articles on queueing.

Charles Isbell: Ex-Georgia Tech ex-MIT "Homeboy From Hell" grabbed early position on the WWW. Moved from AT&T to Georgia Tech

Yves Jean - first Black research computer scientist at Lucent Technologies who "make things better"

Chad Jenkins -

Amos Y. Johnson, Jr. -

Elva Jones - Chair of Computer Science at Winston-Salem State University

Anthony Joseph: - Berkeley Computer Scientist

Harry N. Keeling: George Mason 1998

Mikal Keenan -

Kevin Kornegay - winner of a presidential early career award

PEOPLE A - D , E - K , L - Q , and R - Z

Computer Scientists L - Q

  Andrea Lawrence: The chair at Spelman

Steven L. Lee at Lawrence Livermore Labs has requested that he not be listed

Ambrose K. Laing -

Tracy L. Lewis -

William (Bill) Lupton, Chair at Morgan State

Mesaac M. Makpangou -

Steve G. Massaquoi - MIT MD then MIT CS Ph.D. analyses and models human neurological function

Gary S. May -

William McIver, Jr. - Assistant Professor SUNY at Albany

Ronald A. Metoyer -

James Monroe: Second African American to get the Ph.D. in Computer Science (Texas A&M University - 1972)

Loretta A. Moore: Chair at Jackson State

Jacqueline Moore - University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff

Jami Montgomery -

Ojelankik Ngwenyama: in 1997 got MISQ Best Paper Rod Moten: from hoodlum in the streets to recent Cornell doctorate.

Award and ANBAR Research Excellence Award

Olufemi Olowolafe -

Kunle Olukotun -

Oluseyi O. Olurotimi -

Alfred Phillips, Jr. -

Joseph Perry Phillips -

Timothy Pinkston -

Stephen V. Providence -

Michael Pratt -

Nii Narku Quaynor - CEO of Network Computer Systems

PEOPLE A - D , E - K , L - Q , and R - Z

Computer Scientists: R - Z

Christopher Rose -

Cheryl Seals -

Alan Shaw - creates ways for communities to organize online

Todd Shurn: Howard U professor

John Slaughter: NACME CEO known for development of computer algorithms for system optimization and discrete signal processing

Mark A. Smith: first MIT CS Ph.D.

Mark J.T. Smith: leading researcher and head of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue

Michael G. Spencer -

Tiki Suarez: Florida A & M U Assistant Prfessor

Latanya Arvette Sweeney -

Camillo J. Taylor -

Merwyn Taylor - Pathologist at Johns Hopkins University

Sandra Johnson Taylor - long time IBM researcher

Valerie E. Taylor: Petaflop computing at Northwestern University

Elias Towe - Carnegie Mellon Professor with one book, two patents, and 110 scholarly publications

John Trimble -

Lillie Ward -

Cardinal Warde - MIT world leading expert on materials, devices and systems for optical information processing

Leonard Wesley: exciting lecturer in San Jose

John A. Wicks -

Andrew B. Williams - Professor University of Iowa

Tiffani Williams -

Deidre Williams-Evans -

Herbert Winful: Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan

Damon L. Woodard -

Bryant York: professor at Portland State Universit



PAGES UNDER CONSTRUCTION or folks I'm researching

John Boyd: AT&T

Gerry Dozier: Auburn

Alden Jackson:

John C. Kelly

JAl Watkins: at AT&T


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