Legand L. Burge III



Ph.D. (1999) Computer Science Oklahoma State University

: Assistant Professor   Systems and Computer Science Howard University
URL: http://pluto.scs.howard.edu/~blegand/ email: blegand@scs.howard.edu 

Dr. Burge's research interests lie primarily in the field of distributed computing. The primary thrust of his current work is in global resource management in large-scale distributed systems using low cost commodity hardware. In particular, his interests involve the design and development of large-scale, non-dedicated, heterogeneous software distributed shared memory (DSM) systems. Moreover, he investigates issues associated with fault-tolerance, and the performance of DSM protocols running high transaction-based enterprise applications. He is also interested in middleware technology to support scalable infrastructures for pervasive environments capable of servicing a very large number of small (possibly mobile) distributed and embedded devices efficiently. Dr. Burge is currently the director of the Distributed Systems Research Group (DSRG).


Dr. Burge's previous work includes consistency management in distributed databases, and message passing libraries for distributed parallel computing. The work on consistency management is aimed at developing lightweight protocols that communicate using epidemic algorithms. The distributed parallel computing work consisted of the design and development of an actor-based message passing and thread migration package for Java. The package was used to design a campus wide non-dedicated meta-computer that distributed, and performed load balancing of computatoins based on CPU cycle stealing.


Computer Scientists of the African Diaspora

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