M. Brian Blake



B.E.E. (1994) Georgia Institute of Technology; M.S. (1997) Electrical Engineering Mercer University/Georgia Tech

Ph.D. (2000) Information Technology and Engineering/ Computer Science George Mason University,
thesis:  Agent-based Workflow Modeling for Distributed Component Configuration and Coordination;

: Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Georgetown University; Lead Software Engineer Consultant The MITRE Corporation

URL: http://www.cs.georgetown.edu/~blakeb
email: bblake@mitre.org

Brian Blake is a native of Savannah, Georgia with a high school diploma from Benedictine Military Academy . He matriculated and graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Computer Science in 1994. His first corporate position was with G.E. Aerospace/ Lockheed Martin Real3D as an Technical Leadership/Edison Engineer , which allowed him to complete a Master's degree while working as a Software Engineer completing 4 rotations. His rotations were in ASIC design, software development for embedded controllers, and C++ development. Upon graduating from the Technical Leadership Program Program, he took a position as Software Integration Consultant, with Lockheed Martin Integrated Business Solutions in Atlanta. While continuing the degree part-time (jointly between Mercer University and Georgia Institute of Technology ), He consulted for several contracts with BellSouth, Delta, MCI, and SkyTel. On each customer site, he designed and developed software systems using OMT and C++. As a consultant with Lockheed Martin, he held a part-time position as Instructor in the training division, Lockheed Martin Advance Concepts Center . He acted as a trainer-trainee for the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Design Pattern Courses. He graduated with a degree jointly between Mercer University and Georgia Institute of Technology with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Software Engineering, 1997.

Upon graduation, He took a position as a Software Architect with Lockheed Martin Mission Systems in Gaithersburg, MD. He led the Object-Oriented design of 9 modules in the re-engineering of the Global Positioning System infrastructure. He also started a Ph.D in Information Technology and Engineering/Computer Science at George Mason University . In April 1998, He took a position as a Sr. Computer Scientist with Trident Data Systems designing and develop ing an application framework for data-centered applications on the Window NT domain. He graduated with his doctorate in Information Technology/Computer Science from George Mason University in the Fall of 2000. Currently he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University and acts as a Sr. Computer Scientist Consultant for The MITRE Corporation , investigating agent technologies for the FAA. He teaches Software Engineering for Georgetown University. His research is in software architectures and engineering specifically as it relates to agent-based electronic commerce.



Areas: Software Architectures and Engineering, Agent-Based Systems, Electronic Commerce


Book Chapters

Maamar, Z., Hamdi, Y., Blake, M.B. "Software Agents for Use on Mobile Commerce" Advances in Mobile Commerce Technologies, Idea Group Publishing, October 2002 (under 2nd Review)

Arabnia, H., Blake, M.B., et al. (2001) Eds.: Proceedings 2001 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Las Vegas, NV, USA, June 23-25, 2001, Vol. 2, CSREA Press, ISBN 1-892512-79-3


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