Kenzu Abdella

Born: 1964

place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nationality: Canadian

International Baccalaureate (1984) United World College (Italy);  B.Sc., Mathematics and Physics, Trent University (Canada); MS(1989)  Applied Mathematics, University of Alberta (Canada)

PhD (1993) Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario
thesis: Shear flow instability and numerical simulation of droplets; advisor: Henning Rasmussen

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From Dr. Abdella's web site:

"My main research focus is on the parameterization of physical processes in the atmosphere. However, I also work on general computational and theoretical fluid dynamics problems including the numerical simulation of free surface problems and hydrodynamic stability.

Some of my recent work deals with boundary and surface layer processes including turbulence and cloud physics. While most of the modelling development is carried out on a one dimensional column model version, the final goal of the research is to develop parameterizations for use in the full three dimensional global climate models (GCMs). This is still a largely unexploited area and many fascinating mathematical and physical problems in this field are largely unsolved. Specific projects include the development of non-local higher order closure schemes for use in General Circulation Climate Models, parameterization of large scale condensation in the atmosphere and improving the present schemes of various surface processes such as surface heat transfer."

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