Shirley Thompson


place: Laurens, South Carolina

B. S. Johnson C. Smith University; M. A. Ed. University of North Carolina; M. S. Atlanta University

Ph.D., Georgia State University (1980)
thesis: ; advisor:

area of degree: Math Education and Career Development in Math

Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, Morehouse College

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Dr. Thompson works in the area of mathematics education. She has been active in the Atlanta Area with the Mathematical Association of America, "Blacks and Mathematics PROGRAM" (BAM). In the last years of the program, she was the Director of BAM for the Atlanta Region. At Morehouse, she served on the initial committee of UNCF to design a program with UNCF and GTE. This program provided hands-on-experiences for college students to learn more about mathematics in industry. For several years she took a group of Morehouse students to the Boston area to learn first-hand applications in research with GTE mathematicians. On the national level, she serves on the Barry Goldwater National Committee for Science and Mathematics (1990 -) where scholarships are awarded to recoginize college students who are involved in research in science and mathematics. She is also a member of The Presidental Committee that, each school year, recoginizes top students in high school in every state.


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