Miranda I. Teboh-Ewungkem

Born: 1974

place: Cameroon

B.S. in Mathematics University of Buea in Cameroon; M.S. Mathathematics University of Buea in Cameroon in 1998; M.S. in Statistics from Lehigh University in January 2003

Ph. D. 2003 in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics Lehigh University
thesis: Mathematical Analysis of Oxygen and Substrate Transport within a Multicappilary System in Skeletal Muscle; Advisor: Eric P. Salathe

Hsuing visiting Assistant Professor at Lafayette College

URL: http://ww2.lafayette.edu/~tebohewm/
email: mit7@lehigh.edu

Research Interests: Physiology, Epidemiology, Mathematical Biology; Statistics,Clinical Statistics


M. I. Teboh-Ewungkem and E. P. Salathe, The Role of Counter-Current Exchange in Preventing Hypoxia in Skeletal Muscle, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 68 (8): 2191-2204 (2006).

M. I. Teboh-Ewungkem and E. P. Salathe, Substrate diffusion from an array of capillaries with co-current and counter-current flow, Mathematical and Computer Modelling Journal, Volume 42, issue 1 and 2, pages 17-30, 2005.


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