Jean Michel Tchuenche

Born: September 14, 1972

place: Nkongsamba (Cameroon)

University of Maiduguri (UniMaid), Maiduguri, Nigeria BSc. (Hons Mathematics, FIRST CLASS) 1996; University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. MSc. (Maths) 1997

Ph.D. (2002) University of Ibadan, Nigeria
thesis: Mathematical population dynamics of cickle-cell anaemia, a genetically transmitted disease; advisor: COA Sowunmi

AREA: Biomathematics

Dept of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Agriculture,Abeokuta,OgunState, Nigeria

personal or universal URL:

Since July 2003 Dr. Tchuenche has been emmployed by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Agriculture, Abeokuta, OgunState, Nigeria



  1. Tchuenche, J.M.  (2003) A Note on the Mackendrick Von Foerster Type Model in a Population with a Genetic Structure. Int. J. Math. Educ.Sci.Technol. Vol. 34 (3), 463-470.
  2. Tchuenche, J.M. (2002) A Note on Some Iterative Methods in Banach Spaces in Proc. Of the 7th Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods, March 24-29, 2002, Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA.
  3. Tchuenche, JM (2001) On the Equivalence of Doeblin Property, J. Nig. Math. Soc.,vol 20, 103-106
  4. Tchuenche, JM (2000) Does Hardy-Weinberg Law Prevail in all Populations? In Proc. of the Conference in ODE, National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, July 28-29, 81-83
  5. Tchuenche,J.M. (2001) Derivation of the Continuity Equation in a Population with an Additional Structure, to appear in Proc. of the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja Conference in Continuum Mechanics, Aug 24-26.


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