Sonya Stephens



B.S. Norfolk State University

Ph.D. Mathematics from Florida Institute of Technology (1997)
thesis: ; advisor:

area of degree:

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Florida A & M University

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A native of Virginia, Sonya received her B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Norfolk State University and M.S. and Ph.D. (with the help of the McKnight Fellowship) from Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, FL) under the tutelage of Dr. V. Lakshmikantham.

In August 1999, her husband, Desmond Stephens, brother to Applied Mathematician Monica Stephens, completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics, also at the Florida Institute of Technology.


Stephens, Sonya A. F., Integro-differential Equations and Variational Lyapunov Method, Integral and Integrodifferential Equations: Theory, Methods and Applications, Chapter 23, Vol. 1, pp. 299 - 306, 2000.

Stephens, Sonya A. F., The Method of Generalized Quasilinearization and Integro-Differential Equations, Engineering Simulations, 16 (1998) , No. 4, pp. 439-450, translation published 1999.

Felton, Sonya A., Vatsala, A. S., Large Delay Differential Equations and Variational Lyapunov Method, Problems of Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering Systems, 2 (1998), No. 8, 42-48.


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