George Saitoti,
Hon. Prof., E.G.H., M.P


place: Kikuyu

Warwick University (England)

area of degree: Algebraic Topology

Vice President of the Repubic of Kenya and Minister of Planning and National Development

personal or universal URL:

Kenya's Minister for Finance from 1983 to 1988 also without being the Vice President. Kenya's Vice President between May, 1989 to December, 1997. From December 1997 to April 1999, I was the Minister of Planning and National Development, without being the Vice President. Kenya's Vice President from April 1999 to present.




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[2] MR0454976 (56 #13218) Saitoti, G. Homology of a differential algebra. Publ. Math. Debrecen 23 (1976), no. 3-4, 235--237. (Reviewer: Donald M. Davis) 55G10


[3] MR0400208 (53 #4043) Saitoti, George ${\rm Mod}$ $2$ $K\sb*$-theory fundamental classes. Demonstratio Math. 8 (1975), no. 4, 365--377. (Reviewer: Richard R. Patterson) 55B20


[4] MR0407109 (53 #10892) Saitoti, G. A note on the homology of a differential graded algebra. Nigerian J. Sci. 8 (1974), no. 1-2, 127--130. (Reviewer: L. Bican) 18H15


[5] MR0377869 (51 #14038) Saitoti, G. Loop spaces and $K$-theory. J. London Math. Soc. (2) 9 (1974/75), 423--428.

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