Richard F. Patterson



Mathematics, Kent State University (1997)
thesis: Some Theorems in the Theory of Divergent Double Sequences

Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of North Florida

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In addition to the refereed publications below, Dr. Patterson has four recent papers submitted for publication. See his web page for a list of his most recent works.


Most of the papers below have been reviewed by Mathematical eviews.

  1. Patterson, Richard F. On asymptotically statistical equivalent sequences. Demonstratio Math. 36 (2003), no. 1, 149--153.
  2. Patterson, Richard F. Comparison theorems for four dimensional regular matrices, Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics 6(2), (2002) ?-?.
  3. Patterson, Richard F. Rate preservation of double sequences under $l$-$l$ type transformation. Int. J. Math. Math. Sci. 30 (2002), no. 10, 637--643.
  4. Patterson, Richard F. Characterization for the limit points of stretched double sequences. Demonstratio Math. 35 (2002), no. 1, 103--109.
  5. Patterson, Richard F. Analogues of some Tauberian theorems for stretchings. Int. J. Math. Math. Sci. 27 (2001), no. 2, 99--109.
  6. Patterson, Richard F. Invariant core theorems for double sequences. Southeast Asian Bull. Math. 24 (2000), no. 3, 421--429.
  7. Patterson, Richard F. Analogues of some fundamental theorems of summability theory. Int. J. Math. Math. Sci. 23 (2000), no. 1, 1--9.
  8. Patterson, Richard F. A characterization for the limit points of double sequences. Demonstratio Math. 32 (1999), no. 4, 775--780.
  9. Patterson, Richard F. Double sequence core theorems. Int. J. Math. Math. Sci. 22 (1999), no. 4, 785--793.
  10. Patterson, Richard F. Subseries of double series which are not absolutely $P$-convergent. Soochow J. Math. 25 (1999), no. 3, 249--257.


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