Gabriel Audu Oyibo

Birth: 1952

birthplace: Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria

Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria) 1975

Ph.D. (1981) Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
thesis: ?; advisor George Handleman
area: aerodynamics
: Currently Professor of Mathematcal Sciences at OFAPPIT Institute of Technology and the University of Bridgeport (Connecticut)

personal URL:
email: OR
phone: 631 274-5277

Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo obtained his Ph. D. in Aeronautics and Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Troy, New York where he worked for four (4) years on NASA/AFOSR sponsored research and made several contributions in aircraft design, aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, mathematics and taught several courses. Dr. Oyibo received Knighthood by His Royal Highness of the Igala Kingdom.

Mysteriously in 2002, there has appeared a hoax around the internet that Dr. Oyibo is a Nobel Prize Nominee (some of the writers call it the Nobel Peace Prize). THIS IS FALSE (akin to an acquaintance saying I ought to be nominated for the Nobel Prize)... A simple check would be to search whether anyone else has been told they nominated, and nominated in a period so close to the time of discovery of the research.

The previous paragraph was written in 2002. At the time of this writing, it is 2004 and the legend of repeaters of the hoax are growing. As I understand it from the OFAPPIT institute web site, Oyibo is the source. He claims he was nominated because he solved the Unified Field Theorem ( THIS IS FALSE. Were this fact be true, there would be a hundred American Universities alone who would give him a tenured Full Professor position with no teaching and $200,000 salary. They would seek him out, not the reverse. Otherwise, someone of repute, would steal his work - this also appears not to have occured and is proof that Oyibo's work has not such high value.

AND THE STORY GROWS. It is now November of 2004 and a recent check of the OFAPPIT web site shows Dr. Oyibo now claims to have solved the Navier-Stokes Equations for which one million dolars have been offered by the Clay Institute - given the veracity of his previous claims ....

January 10 2005: A few days ago there was a call for Oyibo to prove his GAGUT Theorem for Nigerian Professors of Mathematics. A few days later he responded with an equivalent of I don't need to prove my work is true, you need to show it is false. The reason for this absurd stature is his claim,"The Nigerian scientist also said a fellow Nigerian mathematician Alexander Animalu, as well as the American Mathematical Society and the European Mathematical Society had carried out extensive reviews on GAGUT without any problem."

Commentary January 12, 2005: I have searched for these so-called reviews, extremely easy to do online if you have a subscription to MathSciNet. The only so-called reviews I have found in Mathematics Reviews or in Zentrablat are autoreviews. There are mere summaries of content, not reviews.

It is not surprising Professor Oyibo has thrown the ball back in the Nigerian scientists court. This is a ploy which only works for the non-mathematics public, but mathematicians will trust him even less. If its costs are reasonable, a real mathematician never turns down an opportunity to prove your work. If the costs are unreasonable, then a real mathematician will say travel/housing expenses are the reason. But all we get is an equivalent of I don't need to prove my work is true, you need to show it is false. He can't defend a vacuum.

Commentary June 7, 2005, a review of Oyibo's Work: Professor Alex Animalu of the Department of Physics & Astronomy of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, has sent to me some of his work in support of Oyibo's GAGUT work. They are : A Review of Oyibo's Grand Unified Theorem, A Guage-Invariant Relativistic Theory, Symmetry Group for Grand Unified Theorem, and Dirac Equation. Here is his response when I clarified my suspicions:

Dear Dr. Williams,
  Again I thank you for your attention. If I may relie on your statement that "only two responded that his claims of solving the Grand Unified Theory could not be substantiated" , then I can conclude that those guy's do not understand what is being claimed. Every mature theoretical phyiscist ultimately engages in the search for the "holy grail of physics" - a unfied field theory. Oyibo's five GAGUT equations Gij,j=0 and his solutions are his own "holy grail". He has merely put in differential form the conclusion of all Christian prayers: "As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen!"  I am satisfied that these equations are viable candidates for a "theory of everything". There are other viable candidates. More in the next mail.
Please feel free to put my two reviews in your website.
With best regards
Alex Animalu


I believe presently Gabriel Oyibo has a position at a minor university in Connecticut. I have sought location of the place where he works, OFAPPIT Institute of Technology. I have been told that this is in his home. I can not verify this.

Apparently when Brooklyn Polytechnic failed to tenure Dr. Oyibo, he filed a racial discrimination suit. I have been told that, as part of Oyibo's settlement of the suit with Brooklyn Polytechnic, that university was to nominated him for a Nobel Prize; however, I been unable to get an independent verification.

I inquired a past employer of the location of Dr. Oyibo's undergraduate degree, I was told it was in London; however, a recent website gives contrary data and could not be written without Dr. Oyibo's help. I'll assume it to be true that his undergraduate degree was in Nigeria..

Recent (2004) homages to Dr. Oyibo can be found at

His is a quote from an article in the DAILY CHALLENGE ( where it is claimed Oyibo has had two nominations:

The Nobel Prize for physics would have been real nice, Prof. Gabriel A. Oyibo told the Daily Challenge yesterday, but Nobel nod or not, his work, including the pursuit of a cure for cancer, continues.


Click for excerpts of the contraversy I have had with non-scientist supporters of Dr. Oyibo. I also find it interesting that those scientists, who claim Dr. Oyibo's work is much less than advertized, all claim fear of a discrimination law suit by Oyibo, as the reason they can not be quoted here.


I have searched Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt here is everything I have located on Dr. Oyibo's work. I have been told he has 104 publications. Perhaps they are in other fields not reviewed by the only two review mathematics journals, Mathematical Reviews and Zentrablatt.. If they have published in recognized journals, they would appear in those journals. Perhaps he will send me a vita and I will publicize all of his work.

Recently Dr. Oyibo discovered a new hodograph technique for determining exact nonlinear two-dimensional unsteady and three dimensional flow. This discovery has already begun to change a century old scientific and mathematical perception that the hodograph tool was only useful for two-dimensional fluid flow problems. In evolving the Hodograph transformation concept into a practical design tool, Dr. Oyibo has been involved in extensive application of numerical methods and large computer programs utilizing the Cray supercomputer. This Cray experience has convinced Dr. Oyibo that the resulting design tool would potentially be a significant discovery. In fact, some 3-D aerodynamic shapes are now being evolved from this discovery which theoretically promises to make shock free flight at the speed of sound possible. This research is suggesting that the solutions of most mathematical physics equations can be found from group transformation theory, the core of my research. This theory hopefully can be used to solve the full Navier Stokes and Reynolds Averaged equations for turbulence in closed form.


New Group Theory for Mathematical Physics, Gas Dynamics and Turbulence , Nova Scientific Publ. (1995) revised. ISBN 1-56072-123-5

Edited: Applied Mathematics: Methods and Applications, Nova Scientific Publ. (1995) ISBN 1-56072-293-2.


Some of these papers are published in several different places and as such will not be multiply counted (in mathematics, publishing a paper twice, is regarded as padding and not thought well of). Where we have located them are listed as "also published in ..." Click on the links for the reviews (mostly auto reviews and summaries).

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