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Ph.D. St. Andrews University 1961
thesis:: On the Numerical Determination of the Solutions of Eigenvalue Problems of the Sturm-Liouville Type; advisor:

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Dr. Olunloyo is currently running for political office in Nigeria

ARTICLE: OLUNLOYO GIVES REASONS FOR ANOTHER GUBER [an often-used word in African papers for "gubernatorial"

Copyright 2002 Accra Mail Vanguard (Nigeria) - AAGM
November 18, 2002

FORMER civilian governor of old Oyo State Dr. Omololu Olunloyo at the weekend gave reasons why he is contesting the governorship seat of the state 20 years after he left office. Dr. Olunloyo while addressing a large crowd of Peoples Democratic party (PDP) faithfuls and residents of the state that thronged the historic Mapo Hall for his public declaration for the governorship race stated emphatically that he remained the only aspirant without any record of corruption having held eleven different executive offices in the past.

Said he, "I am an aspirant simply because the degree of decay and deterioration in nearly all facets of our life needs to be arrested swiftly and efficiently calling for as it does, a seasoned, experienced hand". Dr. Olunloyo who paid a glowing tribute to the founding fathers and previous political actors of the state said, "at times such as this, there should be no room for new comers to governance".

"My guber aspiration and candidature is a little different from others in that I need no introduction as to past activity and experience at nearly all intermediate levels in these parts. I am for efficiency, prompt solution to problems, probity and transparency. All these are better said than done but I believe I have been fully tried and tested. According to him, the things that tend to divide us deserve mention. I am for peace, love and unity. I am for the protection of the rights of all people, foreign or national, North, East, South or West to live in peace here".

"I want to state clearly that I am for unity also among all Yoruba people here. No question of threat of discrimination against Egba, Ijebu, Ijesha, Ekiti as some falsely rumoured in the past. I have firm family connections with people from diverse places.

The renowned mathematician told the crowd which comprises of delegation of Hausa community in the state, "I do not want anyone to live in fear of some others. Arewa (Northern) people must not feel threatened by OPC. The OPC are a great good organisation. We must limit parasitism. We must not breed political party hatred and mutual disrespect

"We must steer clear of religious tensions. We are a closely-knit people religion-wise. We must cater equally and respectfully for all forms of religious worship. We must beware of potentially explosive issues like sharia which if carelessly handled will mess up our state".


MathSciNet lists 13 papers (two aare the same) by Dr. Victor Omololu Olunloyo in number theory and applied mathematics.

  1. Hutter, K.; Olunloyo, V. O. S. On the distribution of stress and velocity in an ice strip, which is partly sliding over and partly adhering to its bed, by using a Newtonian viscous approximat. Proc. Roy. Soc. London Ser. A 373 (1980), no. 1754, 385--403.
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