Georges Edward Njock

Born: November 7, 1940 in Cameroon

B.S. [Mathematics and Physics], University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ., 1965. M.A. [Mathematics], University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ., 1967

Ph.D. (1970) in Mathematics and Pedagogy at Laval University, Quebec, Canada
thesis: Exploration geometrique d'aire des polygones par un groupe de transformations du plan euclidien [Exploration of the geometrical notion of the area of polygons by a group of transformation of the Euclidean plane]; Advisor: Prof. Fernand Lemay.

: Professor of pure mathematics[Chair of Algebra], the Department of mathematics, faculty of science, in the University of Yaoundé I, Republic of Cameroon.

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G. Edward Njock; P.O. Box 623 Yaoundé; Cameroon (West Africa); Tel/Fax (237) 231 2425


General theory of non-abelian categories/Commutative algebras/Finite geometries.

16 papers/articles in those fields, and two books recently published :

[1]- "Théorie de Galois et Applications", Les Presses Universitaires de Yaoundé, 1ère édition, 1999, 144 pages.ISBN 2-911541-29-4.

[2]-"Introduction à la Géométrie projective", Les Presses Universitaires de Yaoundé, 1ère édition, 1999, 160 pages. ISBN 2-911541-35-9.


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