Tanniemola Blackett LIVERPOOL

Born: April 20, 1971

place: Sierre Leone

B. A. Physics (1991), Trinity Hall, Cambridge;

Ph.D. Thoeretical Physics (1995) University of Cambridge
thesis: A Stochastic Approach to Decribing Geological Systems; Sir S. F. Edwards

: Lecturer/Royal Society University Research Fellow, Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds, U.K.

personal or universal URL: http://www.maths.leeds.ac.uk/~tannie/
email: t.b.liverpool@leeds.ac.uk

His father, Lennox Liverpool, is a mathematician.


Interests: Biologically motivated physics, statistical mechanics of Polymers and Complex Fields, Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Pattern Formation, Computational Statistical Mechanics, Disordered Systems.


  1. Active Biological Systems - Instabilities of Isotropic Solutions of Active Polar Filaments.
  2. with M.C. Marchetti. Physical Review Letters, 90, 138102-1 (2003). Viscoelasticity of Solutions of Motile Polymers.
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  4. DNA Condensation Collapse of Stiff Polyelectrolytes due to Counterion Fluctuations.
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  6. Semi-flexible polymers Statistical Mechanics of Double-Stranded Semiflexible Polymers.
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  8. Polyelectrolytes Scaling Behaviour of Screened Polyelectrolytes.
  9. with M. Stapper. Europhysics Letters, 40, 485-490 (1997) PSfile
  10. Surfactant SystemsAnomalous Phase Separation Kinetics in the Presence of Surfactants
  11. with A. T. Bernades and D. Stauffer. Physical Review E, 54, R2220-R2223 (1996)
  12. Spin Models Cluster Acceleration Algorithm for Spin Systems.
  13. with S.C. Glotzer. Physical Review E, 53, R4255-R4258 (1996)
  14. Meandering Rivers The Dynamics of a Meandering River.
  15. with S.F. Edwards, Physical Review Letters, 75, 3016-3019 (1995)



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