Mark Lewis



Bachelor of Science & Arts Degree (1992) Mathematics & Political Science Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL; MS (1995) (Theoretical Statistics), Florida State University

Ph.D. 1998, Georgia Institute of Technology, (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
thesis: ; Advisors: Hayriye Ayhan and Robert D. Foley

area of degree: Stochastic Dynamic Programming

Assistant Professor University of Michigan

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Professor Lewis was hired as an Assistant Professor by the University of Michigan in 1999. His research interests include decision-making under uncertainty when the objective is a non-standard objective function. This leads to extensions of basic ideas in Markov decision processes and applied probability. Applications of such research include optimal admission, pricing, and control of queueing and inventory systems.



Dr. Lewis' interests are in Stochastic Processes with an emphasis on queueing theory. He explained implicit discounting in bias optimality and again related it to controlled queueing systems. Most recently, he is interested in parallel processing and how resources are allocated dynamically in such systems.


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